Zact is a new wireless provider that allows its customers to fine-tune their plans

Alex Wagner
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| Published: May 13, 2013

Zact LG Viper 4G LTE

Customers interested in a prepaid service provider already have quite a few options available to them, but this morning their list of choices got even longer with the announcement of Zact. Owned by parent company ItsOn, Zact is a prepaid operator that runs on Sprint's network and allows customers to finely tune the plan that they're signed up for, right from their phone. Users can add more minutes, texts or data when needed, and if they have anything extra at the end of their billing cycle, Zact will credit that amount back to their accounts.

In addition to changing their plan to suit their needs, Zact subscribers can get even more specific by creating a specialized plan from their device. For example, a Zact user could sign up for a plan that focuses on international long distance calling, while another customer could choose to pass on a regular data plan and instead buy data just for the specific apps that they actually use. Some of the special plans that Zact offers on its website include a "Candy Crush Saga" plan that allows users to connect with friends in the game for one month for $1 as well as "Maps & Navigation" and "Facebook"-specific plans that are each. priced at $5 per month. 

Another way that Zact gives its customers power over their plans is with its parental controls. With this feature, one user can do things like set curfews, block access to apps and restrict contacts for other people on the account. And just like the rest of Zact's features, these parental controls can be set and changed directly on the main user's device.

Speaking of other users on the account, it's worth noting that any Zact plan can be shared between an unlimited number of devices. Each device is subject to a $4.99 "monthly maintenance charge," and after a user has joined a existing Zact account, the main user on that plan can allocate a certain amount of minutes, texts and data to that device.

Zact is accepting pre-orders for its service starting today, May 13, with devices expected to begin shipping to consumers in June 2013. Zact's product lineup currently consists of the LG Viper 4G LTE and the LG Optimus Elite, which are priced at $399 and $199, respectively.

Zact isn't the first wireless provider to allow its consumers to alter their service plan to fit their needs, but the new Sprint-powered operator is interesting because of the level of control that its gives its users over their rate plans. The device selection isn't anything to get terribly excited about, but the main focus here is savings, with Zact claiming that an "average smartphone user" could save up to $1,275 over a typical smartphone plan during a two-year period. To learn more about Zact and how it works, you can check out the provider's site right here.

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