Apple wants Galaxy S 4 added to Samsung patent infringement suit

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 14, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Frost

Ever since Apple threw the first punch in its ongoing legal battle against Samsung, both companies have shown that they're unafraid to continue trading blows and adding new products to their cases against one another. That includes the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and today we can add the Galaxy S 4 to that list as well.

In a court document filed yesterday, May 13, Apple said that it would like to add the Galaxy S 4 to its second patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, which is scheduled to go to trial in the spring of 2014. The Cupertino firm says that now that the Galaxy S 4 has launched and the company has had time to examine it, it "has concluded that [the Galaxy S 4] is an infringing device" and that it intends to add the new handset to its suit as an infringing product. Because Judge Lucy Koh has told Apple and Samsung to limit the number of accused devices in their complaints, Apple plans to strike one product that's currently on its list of 22 infringing devices to make room for the Galaxy S 4.

Considering the history of the legal war between Apple and Samsung and the fact that the Galaxy S 4 is Samsung's new flagship (that looks somewhat similar to its previous flagship), it should come as no surprise that Apple would like to add the S 4 to its complaint. It's not yet clear which product Apple will remove from its case, but it'll be interesting to see which of the 22 phones and tablets gets the axe. Will it be the Rugby Pro? The Transform Ultra? Perhaps the Dart? We'll just have to wait and see.

Via The Verge, Court document (PDF)