Earlier today, BlackBerry announced some new things at their BlackBerry Live event. While the event itself wasn't the biggest  we've seen since the start of 2013, that didn't stop the company behind it from making some waves in the mobile market. While many people may not start lining up for the BlackBerry Q5, there was certainly a lot of clamor regarding BlackBerry Messenger, and the changes coming to the messaging service.

The first part of the announcement revolving around BlackBerry Messenger focused on new features coming to the service. They're calling them Channels, and it's a quasi-social media platform. Anyone out there can create a Channel, from a person to a brand, and then people can elect to follow that Channel to get updates. All of this happens within BBM, mind you, so that's the draw. Channels is available right now in beta form, and it should see an official release soon.

While it's great that BBM is getting even more social, so to speak, that wasn't the biggest announcement. That title goes to Android and iOS related announcements.

As you've heard by now, BlackBerry Messenger will be going cross platform later this year. Specifically, BlackBerry is bringing the messaging service to iOS and Android, while leaving Microsoft's Windows Phone platform out there in the dark. (Anyone surprised by this, though?) As you can imagine, there was plenty of back-and-forth regarding this particular move. Is it too little too late? Is this the right move for the company? Is this a sign that BlackBerry is gearing up to be a software company, and "finally accepting the inevitable?"

A lot of different, varying opinions. But, after hearing what BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said about the upcoming cross platform launch, I don't think it's any of those things. At least, not yet.

"Why are we doing this now? It's a statement of confidence," Heins said during the event. He also went on to say that BlackBerry 10, by itself, has enough prospect that bringing BBM out onto its own isn't a concern anymore.

Right now, I believe that BlackBerry is still confident in their platform, and in their vision. While BlackBerry 10 isn't perfect for everyone (but what is?), and it's missing an app ecosystem that rivals Apple's or Google's, the company must still be seeing plenty of adoption of its new devices and platform. They must also be hearing about people wanting to switch, or intending to switch.

And they must be hearing all of this without the words, "Because  of BBM." I think BlackBerry 10 is a platform, along with hardware like the Z10 and Q10, that doesn't need BBM to survive, or flourish. Sure, there may still be people out there who want to use BBM, but it sounds to me like BlackBerry knows people are switching for other reasons, too. Not just BBM anymore.

That confidence has led them to bring BBM to other platforms, because they know that their new software isn't defined by one application anymore. And that's a good thing.

Based on the reader reactions I'm seeing across the Internet, based on Facebook Likes and Google +1s on related articles, it seems that the general population that reads these types of stories is excited about the idea. And that should hopefully help BlackBerry's confidence in their decision to do what they're doing. They're obviously paying attention to the reactions, too.

This isn't about BlackBerry giving up the hardware side of the business. This is about a company that knows their newest software is worthy of attention because of what it offers, but not only because of a single application. This is a good sign for BlackBerry, I think. I guess we'll see what happens.

Are you excited to see how BBM works on your iOS- or Android-based device? Do you plan on checking it out? Do you even know anyone who still uses BBM? Or will you just ignore it, and go with whatever messaging application you already use? Let me know!

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"Do you think BlackBerry 10 can survive, or even prosper, if BlackBerry Messenger is no longer an exclusive messaging service for the platform?"

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Mark Fuller Jr. BlackBerry has been around for a while so I'm sure they will always find a way into a company/employers pocket
Joel Schuler Survive? Yes, they are still a company with lots of money, but I do now see them beating out iOS or any other OS for that matter.
Jerale Hoard I know I'm late but this explains the reason. At least to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4l0SNyyP3E&list=FLni2YPopE_QrfuEsd5_U-yg&index=36
Rangga Hermawan BB can DEAD xD
Sanchez Edgardo This will be the and of bb phone .
NemOry Oliver Martinez The z10 is a very great phone. I have an s3 and still I made my z10 as my primary phone. Because I don't know why I use bb10 i can do work a lot faster and easier. Bb10 has no lags, it's smooth as iOS!!!!
Brandon Johnson Since they're in this position, they're certainly not buyin it because blackberry was so great before.
Martin Smeaton Okay so maybe people do buy a BlackBerry based purely on the fact they can share their screen in BBM. That's a weird reason to buy a phone but according to Dave that may be the case. I'm not a BlackBerry customer myself so I can't speculate one way or another on that.
Nikolas Manuelides is irrelevant
David Weiss Since I didn't buy my Z10 because of BBM I say 'yes they can'.
Dave Bourque can you do share screen on iMessenger, whatsapp,facebook messenger ,etc???
Lonell Riddick http://www.t3.com/features/best-android-phones/sa-samsung-galaxy-s4-white-bla-jpg
Dave Bourque The iphone5 isn't a better device than the Z10... lol
Lonell Riddick http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/120309-best-smartphones-2013-the-best-phones-available-to-buy-today
Lonell Riddick http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-phones/9912237/Best-smartphones-the-ten-best-mobiles.html
Dave Bourque You really don't get it... you don't need to be in the top 2 to make a profit and still make quality devices...
Lonell Riddick http://venturebeat.com/2013/02/01/the-5-best-selling-phones-in-the-u-s-are-from-just-2-companies-apple-and-samsung/
Lonell Riddick z10 top polling from phone dog? lol, everyone knows that phonedog means nothing. This will clear the air for you. Top selling phone providers, #1 Android ( Samsung S3, note 2 and soon to be the S4), #2 Apple #3 Windows) Hear are some sources
Martin Smeaton With options like iMessenger, whatsapp, facebook messenger, and ICQ messenger (yes it's back), I don't think BBM is the killer proprietary app it once was. Why not spread the love? I don't believe it is the sole reason people are buying blackberries anymore. I see this as nothing but positive for Blackberry.
Dave Bourque http://crackberry.com/watch-crackberry-live-show not dead
Mars Ray Lonell you are a Douce because you don't give them a chance and probably haven't tried it for yourself. It's a great platform, people like it and use it. Just because you and your friends don't like it compared to the child's iphone doesn't mean bash it. Just keep your iphone and live a life without complaint and criticism, you'll be happier. How is BlackBerry doing well making you so angry?
Dave Bourque The fact that you are talking about the polling from phonedog is hilarious. Z10 was 1st place in the first month of its release. The polling is not accurate of whats doing great or better.
Lonell Riddick I have and can post them here if you like. Samsung and IOS are the top phones makers. Better yet, the S3, the S4 and the Note 2 and the HTC one! Then the Nokia lumia. I didn't see BB in the Top 5 lol
Dave Bourque You aren't speaking the truth... you haven't been listening or checking the latest Q1 reports on blackberry.
Lonell Riddick How am I being a douche because I am speaking the truth! lol wow, really?
Mars Ray Software they've released? They're clearly not dead. A lot of people are in blackberry 10 and I'm one of them. I love my z1010. BBM multi plat will only make it better
Christopher Manic Johnson Yes, bb10 offers more than just bbm. If you think otherwise then you're a bit naive.
Juwon Donte Didn't bb die some years ago
Dave Bourque BlackBerry 10 feels like a smoother iOS experience.
Dave Bourque anything else as in?
Mars Ray Why do people say BlackBerry is dead? Do you not know about alk the phones and new
Dave Bourque I'm using a Z10... stop being such a douche.
Martin Láwliet Amuesi I'm not really sure on that. All I can say is that I guess we'll have to wait and see. I mean BBM is one of the more unique features of their OS (I know that's the main reason why a lot of teens have it here in the UK) so who knows. I think it's nice that' their letting other platforms have it, but will it hurt Blackberry in the long run? Only time will tell.
Lonell Riddick Yes I have and will never go back. Catch up with the times, I hope you are not still using one. smh.
Dave Bourque They are also making a profit , have no debt and continue to update their software for BB10... 10.1 released today... Yea it really is dieing...
Dave Bourque You obviously never used a BB10 device... they had 50,000 additional apps in 3 months since release...
Lonell Riddick Well, they must be on life support lol hanging on for dear life
Lonell Riddick Not Misinformed, you may be, Windows is 3rd most selling platform and 3 most preferred. You must me thinking about 3 - 4 years ago, when BB was on the decline and Android was on the up and up. No one is going back to BB. Once you go Droid and or Apple, you never go back. You may switch between the 2 and that Nokia Lumia is a tough phone for windows, BB keep putting out junk. Thats why they died years ago and there phones should continue to be buried till they get the picture!
Josh Carsen I tried to use this for 2 weeks. To be honest it does Enterprise email better than any other OS but if you want to do anything else it was horrible.
Marquell Pendergrass Might as well keep it Exclusive, nobody else gonna use it
Robert Wellington Clubine III Cannot stand Android, windows phone is just ok. I prefer iOS.
Dave Bourque People don;t buy blackberry just for BBM lol...
Luis Hernandez post it before you!!! and na they are fucked after tbat
Dave Bourque Are people so up the ass of Android that they want to spread misinformation about the CURRENT Blackberry and not the RIM of 2 years go...
Dave Bourque Misinformed twat....
Brandon Johnson Don't really see how them sending the only real reason so many people not in business to the other platforms will achieve that. But good for them I suppose.
Lonell Riddick No, they died a couple years ago. Stop trying to revive them. IOS and Android is the best 2 platforms. Windows may be a little behind them but Black Berry SUCKS!!!!
Dave Bourque BlackBerry is already doing great as the third choice in the top 3 mobile devices... So the question of will they survive just because they are offering BBM for iOS and android is kinda dumb...
Javier Delgado No... They re already dead
Robert Wellington Clubine III This platform I feel ran its fate already.
Matthew Swanson BB is dead already ...
Jonathan Coffey Yes Android is doing great providing their services for many company's.

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