White Google Nexus 4 video leak

We're not exactly strangers to the white Google Nexus 4 at this point, having already gotten a couple of different peeks at the unannounced device in the wild. We here at PhoneDog aren't ones to turn down early looks at new hardware, though, and I'm guessing that you aren't either. That's why we're looking taking another look at the white Nexus 4 once again today.

The folks at TechView.me apparently spotted the white Nexus 4 in a Qualcomm booth at a conference in Dubai and, just like most any of us would, grabbed the phone and started recording a video of it. There's nothing in the clip that we haven't seen before, as it is indeed just a white Nexus 4 (with a black front) running Android 4.2. Some photos of the same device have been posted to The Verge's forums, and as Android Central notes, those images show that the unit has the same FCC ID (ZNFE960) as the plain black Nexus 4, suggesting that the two devices are identical save for their paint jobs.

The white Nexus 4 first leaked out back in late January, and since then we've even seen an official-looking white Nexus 4 bumper appear as well. Google and LG haven't said anything about a white Nexus 4, though, leaving us in the dark about when or if we might be able to actually buy the thing. This is the first time that the white N4 has been shown off by a company and not some random lucky person, but that's no guarantee that the device will soon be available. There is a chance that we could hear something official about the pearly white Nexus 4 at Google I/O, but rather than hold my breath, I'll just continue watching this new video of the phone in the wild. You can do the same by clicking the video below.

Via Android Central, TechView.me, The Verge forums

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"Between the black and white versions of the Nexus 4, which model do you prefer?"

Please limit your reaction to 140 characters or use comments for a longer reply :)
Thanks for your participation! :)

CalvEen Yaam NONE! No Micro SD, Non removable battery = NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
Jason Roets I like black phones. Yet the white one is like a breath of fresh air.
Cesario Brito Jr. Neither. I don't like my phones made of glass.
Sambo Chao Neither, bring on something new.
Sebastian Arrieta probably gonna get announced at i/o tomorrow
Jason Nash If this mythical white Nexus 4 comes out, bumps up the storage to 32GB, and perhaps bumps up something else. I may consider selling my black 16GB Nexus 4 for it.
Krishna Karthik White looks cool :-)
Jason Nash I would have liked a white Nexus 4, but I bought the black one because that's all that exists. I don't use cases, but sometimes I put a yellow bumper on mine, looks okay. I have a white Ringke Slim case, but almost never use it since it's so hard to pry off (feels like I'm going to snap the phone in half).
Ruben Alarcon It was a matter of time
Kristoff Lewandowski Yellow ;) (only the best phone comes in that one )
Martin Láwliet Amuesi White. I always go for the White/Silver version of phones. Less fingerprint magnets than their black counterparts.
Matthew Swanson Always prefer white, it looks more premium and classy...
Matt Pankey White.
Frankie Paz And I'll tell you...that 16gig which is actually like 10....is a real turn off. Pass.
Mark Belkowski None of the above.
Jimmy Tsang is still not "ALL" white just back smh
Frankie Paz What's the difference? You're gonna put a case on it Anyway!
Eddie Sierra-Jordan If it has a black front, I want no part of it. I don't want my phone looking like an oreo cookie.
Joernie Berrios Black! ....I think is the true Nexus color
Enes Nadir Çomoglu The white one, surely.
Dane Walton WHITE! I have the black one but the white one looks like a mystical seashell of Android magic, dropped by Venus when she fell in love with the bug droid.

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