Android 4.3 references found in Google search results ahead of I/O keynote [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 15, 2013

Android 4.3 search results

We're now less than two hours out from Google's three-hour I/O 2013 keynote, but that doesn't mean that we can't squeeze in one or two more leaks before the show kicks off. The Verge has discovered a reference to "Android 4.3" in the search results on Google's Android developer site, and after performing a search for "Android 4.3" on the Android Open Source Project's site, I was able to dig up multiple listings that included "Security Enhancements in Android 4.3" in their descriptions.

Today's leak marks the second time that we've seen Android 4.3 pop up in the past month or so. The last time was in late April, when Android 4.3 began appearing in website server logs with the build number JWR23B. Taking all of this into consideration, it certainly appears as though Google is planning to make Android 4.3 the next big update for its platform. It's not yet clear exactly what new features Android 4.3 will bring with it, but the good news is that with the Google I/O keynote kicking off soon, it probably won't be long before El Goog spills the jelly beans. What are you hoping to see in Android 4.3?

UPDATE: The pre-I/O leaks keep coming! Now the Google Play Games rumors have gotten some support thanks to an update for the game Eufloria HD. In the app's "What's New" section on Google Play, the first change mentioned is "Google Play Games achievements have been added!", and the app's developer also says at the end of the changelog that they hope users "enjoy using Google Play Games to save and share achievements!" Looks like gaming on Android is about to get quite a bit more interesting.

Google Play Games achievements leak

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