Google Now updated with new features, Google Maps update coming to Android and iOS this summer

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 15, 2013

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Along with its new Hangouts messaging service, Google also took the time today to detail updates for a couple of its existing apps. First up is Google Now, which now includes support for reminders, real-time public transit updates (in select cities), a "last train home" card for Japan and recommended content alerts. That last feature will display upcoming books, music, TV shows and video games that Google Now thinks that its user will enjoy. The new Google Now features are available right now as part of an update to the Google Search app in the Google Play Store. You can find the app right here.

Looking forward, Google also detailed a Maps update that is slated to roll out this summer. The update will bring a new look to the Android Maps app that will make it look similar to the iOS Maps app that rolled out last year. The Maps update will integrate Google Offers, giving users the chance to view and save offers while looking at retailers like Starbucks and Toys 'R' Us in the Maps app. Other new features of the maps app include a new five-star rating system and real-time alerts for traffic incidents.

Google also announced good news for tablet-toting Maps fans. The company announced a new version of maps for tablet devices, with Android hardware getting a revamped look and the iPad receiving a dedicated Maps app of its own. The tablet-focused Maps update is also expected to roll out this summer.

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