Samsung exec says Galaxy S 4 shipments have surpassed 6 million units

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Black Mist

We all know by now that Samsung isn't afraid to disclose shipment numbers for its flagship hardware, having done so in the past for the first three Galaxy S models as well as the two Galaxy Notes. It should come as no surprise, then, that a Samsung executive recently talked up shipment numbers for the company's newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 4.

An unnamed Samsung executive has told South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo that worldwide shipments of the Galaxy S 4 had reached four million units at the end of April, just days after its April 26 debut. The Samsung exec went on to say that the Galaxy S 4's shipment total had hit six million units on May 10 and that it's expected that that figure will grow to 10 million by the end of May. As is usually the case with Samsung, it's worth noting that these stats are for shipments to retailers and carriers, not straight-up sales to consumers.

Samsung's Galaxy S line debuted with the original GT-I9000 model way back in March 2010, and since then, they've turned into the biggest devices in the Android ecosystem. The first three devices achieved total shipments of over 100 million units as of January 2013, and the Galaxy S III itself hit the 50 million shipped mark in March 2013. Considering all of that, it's no surprise to learn that the Galaxy S 4 is already doing pretty well for itself. It's also worth noting that the Galaxy S 4 is still in the process of rolling out to more operators around the world, including Verizon in the U.S., so there is a chance that Samsung could hit its goal of 10 million units shipped by the end of May. Have you picked up a Galaxy S 4 yet?

Via Android Central, Chosun Ilbo