Google Glass apps coming from CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 16, 2013

Google Glass

Looks like the Pebble smartwatch isn't the only wearable making news today. As noted by Engadget, Google has revealed at its I/O conference that Google Glass is slated to get a whole mess of new apps, called "Glassware," in the near future. Included in the group are apps from Elle Magazine and CNN, the latter of which will offer breaking news alerts, as well as software from Evernote, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. This new package of apps will be joining apps from The New York Times and Path, which have been available on Google Glass for some time.

Twitter dove into a bit more detail on its official Glass app this afternoon, explaining that it can be used to post images to Twitter and that any shots that are uploaded will automatically say "Just shared a photo #throughglass." Users can also receive notifications for mentions, direct messages and tweets, and they can also reply or retweet any updates that they'd like to. Google Glass owners that'd like to start using Twitter on their headgear can do so by heading to and flipping on Twitter.

As of this writing, Google Glass is still only available to those in the Glass Explorer program, meaning that those of us that didn't shell out $1,500 for El Goog's headwear at I/O last year can only sit and wonder what it's like to use these new apps. The good news is that Glass is already receiving many of the apps that most people want when they're using a new mobile device, and so any consumers that decide to get Glass-ed when the device launches to the public should have access to a basic set of apps right out of the gate. Google hasn't said exactly when the Glass consumer launch will go down, but Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently suggested that the release could happen in 2014.

Via Engadget, Twitter