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Samsung caught a bit of flak earlier this month after it was discovered that the 16GB version of its Galaxy S 4 only comes with 8GB or so of user-accessible storage, which Samsung said was a result of the device's high-res display and software features. The company went on to say that users can always add more memory with a microSD card, and that appeared to be the end of it. Now it appears that Samsung may have had a slight change of heart, though, and may end up rolling out an update to increase the space available to users on the GS4.

In a statement sent to CNET U.K., Samsung has revealed that it's "reviewing the possibility" of increasing the amount of user-accessible storage on the Galaxy S 4 through "additional software optimisation." The company hasn't offered up any other information on its plans, but it does promise that it will "improve [its] communications" with users.

While the microSD card slot on the Galaxy S 4 is certainly a welcome inclusion, the internal space on the device can still become an issue since users aren't able to store apps on the GS4's memory card. Also problematic is the fact that while Samsung has officially announced 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models of the Galaxy S 4, the 16GB model is the only one that's widely available right now, with AT&T being the only U.S. operator that currently offers the 32GB variant.

It's not clear exactly how much storage owners of the 16GB Galaxy S 4 might reclaim through Samsung's optimizations, if it ends up going through with them at all. However, considering all of the circumstances surrounding the matter, I'm sure that owners of the 16GB GS4 will be glad to get any additional space that they can. How much storage do you 16GB Galaxy S 4 users currently have left on your devices?


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"How much storage do you currently have available on your phone or tablet?"

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Geoffrey P. Spicer 16gb galaxys3 @amicro sim for more.
Dhun Patel 32 out of 64gb
Anthony Bailey Well, I have about 74GB available on my Galaxy Note II since I have a 64GB Class 6 microSD card installed. That's where phones like the iTurd and HTC One fail. I don't care about cloud storage. I want removable storage on-hand so I have tons of full-HD movies, music, music videos, and games on my Note II. Still, I don't like the fact that Jelly Bean limits storage of games to internal memory if you're not rooted.
Matthew Mascarenas 16.3 GB. available between phone and 16GB micro SD card al
Muhammad Ali Khan or u can just remove the ones u want... no ones telling u to remove all of it
Donnie Ross Oneill 16 gigs left on my nexus 2
Faseeh Pervaiz 32gb on board on my Xperia S
Adrian Salazar 16gb but sure why people need so much space as all my music is steamed so all i really need is space for my apps and pics
Chika Okechukwu 15.6gb/32gb nokia lumia 920
Joey Drew Bucek 49mb left on my s4 I need a bigger mic4o sd for my music
Goh Ting Qi but in that case, then why buy the phone to remove the new features of it? It is kind of a ironic to do so.
Dalton Severns 64+ GB of storage for me!
Lizardo Gonzalez Jr. 64gb all day!!!!!
Malcom Buckhannon 16gb on my gs3 and 5gb on my 16gb sd card.
Nikolas Manuelides 25.2GB available space on my HTC One X
Paul Battle 20 GB on my Galaxy Nexus 32 GB variant. Pictures, some apps, tons of music and of course a little collection of easily flash able ROMs at my disposal.
Mark Schroeder LG Optimus L9: 330mb I have 0 games installed, no music and no pictures stored in internal memory. With no apps2sd my phone is gimped
Juwon Donte 5.5.gb on galaxy s3..I download alot of apps
Still Dre Dane Why are there no 32gb?
Jesse Huertas Plus you can root and remove the bloatware
Jesse Huertas It's 2013-why aren't people using cloud and micro sd options. This doesn't bother me since there are plenty of options
Alvaro Agraz Let's hope they do!!!
Rock Roche Total Space - 28.13 GB; Available Space - 11.59 GB... (Galaxy Nexus)
Jordan Scarano Good to hear
Hendrick Equis M 46.82gb/64gb micro SD card
Hendrick Equis M S4: 6.7GB/16GB with only 1.94gb been used for apps
Gary Wilshire 32GB. That's one of the reasons I went with the HTC One.
Carl Dale enough for what i need ty
Pranjal Dhawale 32 GB still need pen drive!!!
Orewa Najib @tyler . lol . cuz i dont use any cloud storage . and i have lots of pictures ..HD vid . hd games and some music .
Dominic Jessup Reid I guess the screams of the world helps. lol
Steve Swiger HTC One X+, 54.9 gigs.
Eric J. Powers 946TB...
John McLean on my ipad mini about 64 gb
Atharva Vaidya 7.6 GB. I have a 32GB iPhone 5.
Mazen Kilouh i have xperia sl 32gig so i have 10G free space
Alex Chunx Chong A little less than 11GB in my S2.
Tyler Coatsworth 32 gb internal
Saurabh Bisht 10.6gb internal n 64 GB external via note ll
Orewa Najib 705mb free space . nexus 4 16gb
Mc Ovidiu Not enough !!!
Tyler Saddington I have a 16GB Nexus 4 but I have 50GB on Dropbox and 15GB on GDrive, and all my music is streamed through spotify :P
Fabian Toti 9.6 internal and 32GB SD card slot
Christopher Williams This is great news considering you can't store apps to the SD card slot. Some storage taken up for the bloatware is acceptable, but half of the HD shouldn't be used up!

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