It’s been almost exactly one month since I asked all of you a very simple, yet "deep" question. A very, very important question! One that can fuel the fires of a “fanboy war” without much real effort. It can also lead to some interesting conversation. Which is why I wanted to get to the next stage. I originally planned on waiting the full month, but truth be told, I feel like today is as good a day as any.

I think we all know that we get accustomed to using something, so switching to something else can be hard. Whether it’s a platform’s function, features, or even the applications available on it, our smartphone usage patterns are either all over the place, or segregated to one platform over another. That can lead to some pretty obvious reasons as to why you don’t use another mobile OS.

What’s more, I think we can all admit that not every platform is for everyone. Some folks won’t like BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10. Those same people may love Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and outright despise Google’s Android. And then we’ve got the folks who love iOS, and hate everything else. (We can mix-and-match here, so do so as you see fit.)

We have our reasons for picking one over the other. And it’s one reason why we’re so interested to see what one company will announce next. Did they resolve our issues with this latest update? Is it about time to switch? Can we risk switching, when we’ve invested so much already in one platform? In the end, will it be worth it?

I’ve done a lot of switching. I do a lot of switching. Despite the fact that I’ve grown accustomed to using certain apps, I can usually find a way around it for a little while. In truth, I’ve grown the most stable using Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Despite my . . . flings . . . with platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 (among others in the past), I know in the back of my mind that I’m going to find my way back to one of those platforms.

But there are people who refuse to switch. They are the folks that look at other devices, maybe go into a local retail location to check out the newest device there on the stand, but know full well that they won’t be buying it. They won’t be switching. They’re just too entrenched in what they know. They’ve grown to love it, and they don’t see a reason to switch.

And let’s be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that. They don’t have to switch. They don’t have to try other platforms. Using what you love is part of the fun.

But I want to talk to the people who have switched, as well as the people who refuse to use a certain platform. In this specific case, just as like we talked about with Android in the past, I want to know why you don’t use iOS. Why you refused to stick with it after using it for a time, or why you just simply refused to try it at all.

I have my own reasons why I switch from iOS, despite knowing that I’ll eventually be back. While I think there are plenty of positives to Apple’s mobile operating system, there are little things that bug me. Interestingly enough, a couple of them are focused on the text messaging-slash-iMessage function. One of my biggest pet peeves with iOS is that when there’s a single unread text message, or iMessage for that matter, waiting to be read, touching on Messages doesn’t open the list of messages, but will open right into that conversation. This is a little thing, yes, and it pales in comparison to the second issue:

iMessage itself. Moving from a device that doesn’t have iMessage is a real pain, for both me and people trying to text me, because of the service. I’ve heard my friends and colleagues tell me that they can’t reach me in a timely manner because their iPhone keeps trying, and failing, to send a message through iMessage – even if they have the “send as text message if…” feature activated. iMessage is great in theory, but I can completely understand why folks are excited about Google’s new Hangouts.

And I know it’s been said before, said to death even, but I feel like I’ve been using the same iOS since 2007. Yeah, I do believe that’s going to change this year, one way or another, but as it stands right now iOS is just . . . Yeah, iOS is just boring. It wouldn’t be boring if it were new, and hadn’t been the same overall look and feel since 2007, but that’s simply not the case. It is boring now. Long-in-the-tooth, even.

That’s why I’m not using iOS right now, despite the fact that last week I was using the iPhone 5. I’m back on Android, for the time being. And now I want to know why you, too, are not using iOS. Is it because of the visual aesthetic? A particular lack of functionality? Or maybe you just prefer something else instead. Either way, I want to know why you aren’t using iOS, so let me know.

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"Are you someone who has switched from iOS to another platform, or have you simply just refused to use Apple's mobile OS due to a missing piece of functionality?"

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Mark Fuller Jr. I got one word for all you android lovers out there ready.... iOS7...
Tom Parkison Apple owns the device. I refuse to use a device that anybody but me owns the device. I bought it with my money! It's my device, not yours! Who are you to dictate to me what I can and can't do with a device I paid for?
Anonymous I use both they both have features I like
Jerale Hoard Samsung :P. If I didn't have a BlackBerry Z10 I would rather be with a iPhone 5. Samsung has good hardware (stolen ideas) and great camera quality but it's software sucks.
Lenn Liggins I do believe the IPhone is a very good phone, however, they haven't made any changes other than add a half inch to it. I'm a Windows phone guy.
Dallas Henry Firstly, it sucks ballsacks for phones. Secondly, I do use it for my iPad Mini. Thirdly, it hasn't changed much since inception. Fourthly, "SAMSUNG"... no need to say more. Fifthly... I wanted to type "fifthly".
John Colbert I don't use iOS because of an *included* pieced of functionality: Apple owns it.
Tuey GT Scofield Boring iOS
Bill Stewart pretty bad when all apple has left is "well our build quality is bettter" that to me is admitting defeat. The cars today are mostly built with plastics ect. compared to the cars just 20 years ago, but there are reasons for that and quite frankly I like it's build quality. put it like this, i personally could care less what materials a phone is made out of as long as it's comfortable to use and it gives me the freedom to do what I want with it. I did pay for it so i have the right to customize it.
Bill Stewart like I tell everyone. true colors eventually surface. to each is own but i wouldn't own an apple phone if someone gave it to me. the company is horrible and doesn't give to hoots about its customers. oh, and they can't do half the things I could do with my S3. face it, apple will be the next blackberry in the next 5 years and I loved blackberry at one point.
Michael A. Lococo It's boring uninteresting and outdated... little square icons harken back to the days of Windows 3. As a wise man once said... "aren't you a little young to be using an iPhone?"
John Landwehr Apple once set the bar, now they don't
Marekus Fluellen Look here...If I spend 199 299 399 for a tech device of any kind, the only limitation I think it should have should be technological limitations. Not carrier, not app store, or anyone else for that matter. If I want 1 app per page, then If the phone is capable, I should have it. It I make an app, I should be able to use it. If I could only afford 16GB initially, but run out of space, I shouldn't have to buy a new phone. Phones stop working for silly reasons, If should have the option to reboot, pull the battery out, or something. What if I stop liking the look and feel of the UI, What are my options? Android isn't perfect by any means, but it meets the needs of many people and that is why is will always dominate the market until LiPhone stops selling the people the same phone with a new shell. Line up all Iphone devices, turn to the home screen and tell me what you see different beside the case? oh and .001 mm of extra space?
James Matthews Because WP8 is better.
Carl Joseph Bialorucki Because it sucks?
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez uf motorola brought back its socail applications were i could tweet and fb at the same time i would go back to moto but right now im happy with my iphone 4s
Milton Gfl Williams Too much restrictions
Dwayne Cook I don't like iOS... No freedom of customization. Its like communist China.
Owen Wu iphones man
Nikola Karovic Lack in connection and download option, no widgets and ugly jailbreaking
Travis Newhero Honestly ever since I first saw commericials for ipods and iphones way back when, it never got me excited. Then my parents gave me a ipod touch, it was cool for a while, then it just collected dust after a few months, ios is boring.
Danny Medina Nope that why I like the HTC ONE
Owen Wu no one cares
Owen Wu no one likes samsung's cheap plastic, ask anyone in the public and they will say they want a iphone
Danny Medina Welcome to the Android family :-)
Danny Medina @novak apple quality? You mean outdated quantity?
Scott Braunworth I had an iPhone a few years back, and even with all the hype I did not feel that way, I thought it was kind of boring. Once I started using Android I never looked back. Android is much more interesting, and so many choices, different skins, sizes, etc. Now iOS is falling far behind in the phone race. I would never go to an iPhone anytime in the near future.
Aaron Couts Refuse to aid a sue happy company, and who comes out with "revolutionary" 2 year old technology
Maegan Babcock I currently have an iPhone 4S, but am switching to the Galaxy S4 next month when I'm up for my upgrade. The Galaxy just has so much more to offer than the iPhone.
Andrew Bissel It doesn't do as much as android. Less features and doesn't support development. Not open source
Vivek Jadhav Yeah! i switched to Android, nothing seems great in iphone 5 except Jony's work ...
Marti Ruiz I tried ios for a week. Its boring .now rocking a s4 .lovet it
Kevin Kaufman Hardware made in Communist China
Charlie Ebner I am currently using the iPhone 5, and even though I like it, I'm considering going back to Windows Phone. Apps don't mean the world to me. I'd rather have 50,000 functional apps rather than 700,000+ B.S. apps. For me, when I was using Windows Phone, everything was a pleasure to use. The Facebook integration is awesome and flawless, and Bing was actually a pretty good search engine(I also used Google). I even used Bing as my GPS a few times and it was great! Code scanning and song detection were also great and flawless features. I know all other smartphones can do this, but the way Windows phone executed these features just worked perfectly for me.
Martin Cota My wife fell for the iPhone craze with the 5, and after I got my Galaxy S4, she is begging me to switch with her. Her new plan, add her mom to our account and give her the iPhone so my wife can have a superior OS. (I am not an huge android fan either, as I miss my windows phone OS but Sprint doesn't want to support them)
Teron Facey Also if people say the iPhone is the best phone why do you have an Otterbox as a case? And people say Android devices are too big. Oh the irony.
Teron Facey I had a 3G iPhone back in the days never really like the fact they tell you what you can't or can put on a phone compare to Google being innovated Apple sues everybody else because they are a afraid of competition and they lack innovation.
Kris Morris Ios is like a communisum and a dictatorship....i perfer my democracy of choosing what i want and like with my android note 2
Kevin Zhang IOS aint that good anymore.... Android is much more open and more intuitive
Anthony Evans and grammer fags get blocked
Richard W Krajewski I refuse to get sucked into the Apple ecosystem, mostly because of all their proprietary BS. It means you are at their mercy when they decide to rake in some more money updating peripherals because they've done something like change pins on their docking connector.
Magnus Larsson Hahaha lol @novak
Cal-Gene Johnson iOS is my choice.
Jason Paul Traylor actually not true itzel jeronimo cause I bought the 4S when it first hit the market I returned it in a week i hated everything about it I cant leave android
Paul Keefe Its bland and boring
Márk Domoszlai been using tons of top android handsets, but currently i am very happy with my iphone 5. although ill probably upgrade to the nexus-type sgs4
Eric Quach I prefer more options. if I want a smaller screen, I can get one on Android, if I wanted a bigger screen I can get one on Android. let alone the superior hardware on the android devices like the HTC one.
Itzel Jeronimo I switched from android to iOS and let me tell you, I've never been happier. It's true what they say... The only people who complain about iPhones are the ones who have never had one before. I'm never going back to android... Ever.
Fabian Toti Because the phone with a lot of other stuff just sucks
Danny Cvengros I don't even know why Phonedog encourages people to take sides. It's a waste of time. There are no "sides". If you were to die tomorrow neither Google or Apple would know or care. Why, because you and your opinion are meaningless to them. This is reality, your wasting your life away by focusing your attention to an issue that shouldn't even exist. People have their individual preferences on what device works for them, and they need to keep them to themselves.
Gordon Christie saw the first iphone and the G1 for me was a better phone always liked android but Ubuntu is coming and i want to see what its like and i prefer windows 8 to ios as its never changed
Arturo Atherly Tried blackberry...network was down half the time....Tried Windows...Os was unstable..iOS...dont like the present company and following..HONESTLY Android is so far the most consistent in regards to growth..as far as Im concerned!!
Danny Cvengros I switched FROM Android to iOS. I had enough with all it's imperfections and terrible functionality.
Matthew Swanson Sometimes the simplicity of something is actually what makes it sophisticated. A refined, classy interface need not be a complicated one :-) Apple knows this.
Matthew Swanson I try to leave iOS but something always pulls me back....
Tony Valadez I switched from Android to iOS and I honestly don't miss anything. These "phone wars" are childish. Everyone has different preferences and that's that. They're both good OSs.
Magnus Larsson Because i don't.
Michael Caswell One word.... garbage
Baqir Ali nice <3
Brent Hewett Honestly? Why I don't own an I phone? It isn't classy or superior to other platforms. It's too simple minded and people who own them are generally pre teens and the younger crowd. I'd rather own something I have freedom to do more with. No platforms perfect, but Google does well
Johan Gouws Ios/stale
Alvin Lam Software is too simple for my tastes
Zaid Tariq I had switched to IOS for one month only, then quickly returned to Android. IOS is a very strong and fast OS, but it has no attractive features. It looks like an upgraded Symbian.
Nole Lazaroff I'd take Apple's quality over Google's quantity any day.
Haldi Kuniqi It's boring thats why it's been the same for years
Leo Taveras Well I use iOS because I have and iPad but as far as phones I have android. However I do see the lack of functionality in iOS. My next phone my be a blackberry 10 or Samsung note
Mark Manson Why aren't I using it? If you've EVER used it you would never ask that question. The only good iPhone is a jail broken iPhone.
Vladimir Conrado I'm not using ios simply cause it's boring and you can do way more with android.
Matt Peters After 6 versions of iOS, I think it's ridiculous that I have to compose a message with content by sharing the content first. Why can't I compose an email from the Mail application and attach my documents like I can on any other device?
Amanda Stegman Started out with Android, switched to iOS because my Original Droid had lots of issues, went back to Android because I missed the customizability
Nestor Florent Boring OS
Nestor Florent Cause apple ios makes me sick
Mike Mack Apple died with Steve Jobs I'm rockin the note 2
Andrew William Sheldon After 5 years of icons and great designs I was getting a little bored but was kinda ok with it but iphone 5 and scuffgate was the last straw!
Kenneth Cypret I got the HTC Mytouch when it came out back in the day. I was with T-Mobile at the time and it was really my only option when I decided to get a smartphone. I wasn't opposed to iPhone but it just really wasn't an option (4 years ago T-Mobile was actually good and I didn't want to switch) It was a good little phone and since then I've stuck with Android every time I get a new phone. I have been getting the Nexus phones and love stock Android. So I'll be an Android user for the forseeable future. My girlfriend on the other hand is talking about jumping ship from Android to iOS. Last year I got her an iPad for christmas. That was my first real experience with iOS. She's not a techie so I've had to set it up and fix it for her. Overall I find Android to be easier to use and customize. However, she has liked the iPad a lot and is talking about switching her HTC One X for an iPhone.
Jason Vanderhyde Just wish apple gave option for home screens and widgets if we want. And larger screen. S4 feels very nice even with 5". I know apple went up to 4" but I dont think it was large enough still.
Reese Woodson I have both the iPhone 5 and now the S4. I just switch when I feel like using one over the other thanks to GSM (SIM cards)........
Faseeh Pervaiz my first phone was iphone 3g , 6 months later I shifted to android and then I realized how poor iOs is !
Don Mahaffey Weaver II Yup we switched from iOS to another platform alright! We switched from the iOS platform and dove right in to the D2D Armada platform, the platform for all platforms. Check us out! http://igg.me/p/306902/x/2036856
Dustin T. Robles I go back and forth I'm going back to android once my upgrade comes
Javier Delgado because ..apple its a bitch closed minded...i dont blame the phone itself...is a good device... but boring....also lot of the iSheeps believe they're gods and the unique people tha can afford an idevice.. LOL to those people.. i just want to be different not just another one in the lot..
Patric Pederson Screen size...staleness of the OS
Michael Hercliff I have the iPhone 5 and like others have said, it is getting quite boring. Since all of my music is with iTunes, I'm thinking of getting the new iPod Touch and getting an Android or Windows device. I'll see what the new iPhone is like before switching though.
Akhil Gore iOS is extremely intuitive and smooth, even smoother than my nexus with jelly bean 4.2. However it's age shows, the design, the aesthetics are all but appealing now. Android offers far more customisation levels and practicality. Bluetooth, the biggest downer for iOS. The inability to sync without iTunes, inability to access the file system etc.
Shuana Hackworth Searcy Apple does make great products I have had three iphones starting with the 3g to 4s and I did not like it because It lacks customization and the freedom i want in a phone. I have the note 2, and I love it.
Kerdrick Pierre Because its extremely boring. I mean Damn the same thing every year come on Apple!
Jonny Coolkid Flash fuckin flash my ipad is about to get bounced as well because of it
Usama Nasim in my point of view apple makes amazing phones..i personally love 4s and 5 but the only thing i miss in these phones is a 5 inch screen and bluetooth funtionality....another thing syncronization.............. other wise iphone is a great device......i personally own a note 2 and will stick to it till another note impresses me or apples comes with a 5 inch iphone
Michelle Beier Osborne Ok, so I totally don't get the fanboy/fangirl mentality. Obviously one type of phone will not work for everyone, this is the reason we have a wealth of devices to choose from. I have owned Androids, iPhones, Blackberries, and even a Windows phone. For me, I went back to the iPhone for one simple reason....IT WORKS!! I have owned numerous Android devices from the super cheap to high end, and every single one force closed, randomly shut off or rebooted.....annoying! I guess I just look at it this way, if a certain device doesn't do all the things you need it to do, find one that does! To each their own!!
Joel Paskings I had an iPod touch, but when it stopped working, I decided to see if there were cheaper alternatives. Found the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6, and have stuck with it ever since. I'd love the iPod touch 5th gen, if Apple makes it more customizable.
Sheck Welle i started using smartphone when Apple released the original iphone in 2007, i had the 3G, 3gs, 4 and 4S. I loved them all and thought the Iphone 5 will bring innovation, unfortunately i wasnt happened and that was the main reason i skipped it, i think the iphone 5 was the worst device i ever seen from apple, we dont buy phone just its bigger, slimmer, a tad faster and a better camera. I did found that there wasnt huge difference from even the Iphone 4 to 5 and that time the smartphone war was heavy and severe, there were others manufacturers who released outstanding devices. Since i was nervous about the iphone 5 and was still an apple fanboy , i decided to switch to android or wanted to taste the Andoid Tea and most my android folks were telling me IOS is not bad at all b ut Android is better with more functionnality and customizstion. That time on November 2012 Google announced and released its Nexus 4, tough it was hard to get but did ordered one and had the chance to have it quickly, when i started using it i wasnt really impressed becuase it was new to me, two weeks later i foundb out that the stock android of the nexus 4 was smooth, fast and its specs were top not, Oh My Fucking God this device is the best one i ever use, quickly found out that apple is a fashion design on smartphone world, they just make their device slimmer, more elegant but in term of OS they are Donkeys. I didnt really regret the switch, i love the Nexus 4, and wanted a back up phone for it and justn purchased the Developer Edition of the HTC ONE 64 GB because i couldnt resist that damn beautiful piece of aluminium and thought i will misse sometimes the Stock android of my nexus 4.2.2 but HTC sence 5.0 with the android 4.1. is just outstanding, in love both my nexus 4 and htc one and i am not saying that IOS or windows phones are bad but Android is top notch in term of software and customization, WOW :-D
Dalton McVey I'm not loyal to any brand, I'm loyal to what I think is the best product. Apple has been behind the curve since the 3gs, and has constantly been playing catch-up instead of beating android to the finish line. They're restrictive, and limited in their capabilities compared to the many options found with the selection of android devices. If they would pull ahead, then maybe I would consider it, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
Eric King I switched my iphone 4s to a iphone 5 and I love it Lmao yeah right its the same phone basically I switched to the s4 & im loving this phone ill never go back
SaSi Ramachandran Wait and watch on june 10 apple going to rock it
Keith UnCool Nicholson Clean useful OS with top tiered apps but god it's so damn boring. Went to #android and never looked back
Jarek Hernandez I personally was an Original Droid owner this was my first smartphone love it no complaints...decided to do the switch to iPhone for my 2 year contract when it came to Verizon but I realized its more restricted than I thought well it was renewal time and the Note II called my name and I will never go back with the features I can do and the customization its more me couldnt be happier... Screw iPhone...Android all the way!
Richard Halm apple products sucks the should change the name to icrap
Christian Araujo iOS can get boring after a while, I have my 4S jailbroken and that opened my iphone to a ton of mods that work great. I don't think I could go to an Android phone. There are a ton of apps that iOS gets before they make it on a Android device which to me that's just a lack of app support right of the bat and the system is just buggy imo.
Krunal Darji Don't understand all the hate comments on iOS... Apparently even with all the hate they seem to be ridiculously well. I like iOS and android for what they both offer and lack. One seems to fill the void the other creates. I used iOS till android started becoming more stable. Now I use the HTC One and sometimes the iPhone 5 for the apps that are not on android.
Vicki Figueroa Lol.. Ioving 90% of the comments here.. 1st post I've seen in quite awhile that had hardly any apple fanboys spewing their "pro apple" crap. Love it. ;)
Felix Rob Paulino Love the new update for Gtalk called Hangouts. It's like iMessage and FaceTime in one. Loving Android.
Raul Blacksten Because Steve Jobs was Satan
Stephen Wagner You tried, sheep. You are not welcome here.
Stephen Wagner Because it is garbage
Jeremy Carter IPhone is just boring and too small. Switched from an iPhone 5 to the purple s3 on.sprint and I.will not go back.. I can add as much memory as I want. IPhone you're stuck with whatever gig you purchased. And android has caught iPhone on fluidity
Steven Basso cause it fucking sucks
Devin Martinez All these idiots that only mention customization clearly don't use their phones for work, probably just to show their friends how pretty their keyboard looks. I need a phone that works, not a fun non functional phone full of unasassary gimmicks. The iphone is the best phone I've used to date & I've had from the s2, GNex, LG Optimus g, to the now Note2.
Ravivardhan Prakash Already have a calculator at home.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I ? my note2 but I wouldn't trade my ipad4 for anything.
Brendan Breakdown Music and a solid platform is way too important to me. I need iTunes, and I need quality. No other phone has this together.
Randy B Hoopes I just switched from iPhone to Galaxy Note 2. Love it.
Dounutz Sesar Android is better . if ur bored whit samsung tuchwiz no worries just root n install a android stock rom
Mark Fisher Jr. You can't even download certain apps unless you have ios 6. Android you can download no matter what.
Asa Salvatore iOS is just way too boring. I like the widgets and customizable everything of android.
Vicki Figueroa Not using ios cause I'm an Android person. & I can't stand the crazy following of the Apple fanboy crowd.. so i refuse to become one of the sheep.
Marva Solomon I just got bored with my iphone. The standard look of the tile apps is bleh. I don't have any hate toward iphones. I recommend them for non-adventuress types and old people. :)
Seshot Lizzy Playgurlz Hate itunes program. Drives me nuts having to sync. Know what I mean? Maybe its just me. And I was using an ipod. Basicly same as the iphone.
Alfred Nel Why would you want to is not compatible with anything else!! Bluetooth etc.
Markus Howard Na iPhones are trash no customization looks to boring heck it looks like the same os they launched with the first iPhone . ANDROID FTW!
Nole Lazaroff iOS is more reliable and fine tuned than any other mobile OS. It simply works and does what it does perfectly. It is boring and simple mainly for kids,who just play around with their phones.
Orewa Najib i refuse to jailbreak the device . i rather use android . plus ... there is nexus 4 . cheaper phone won me over .
Zach Chapman I had the iPhone 5 and traded it for my SIII, will NEVER look back! iOS is a dog, sorry Apple.
David Cipollone Well, it really boils down to this. I used the iPhone back in 2007 when it was released. Never owned one, but it was cool. Here it is, 2013, and it's the same thing. So, I like something new every year. That's why I went with Android.
Caveira Cav Had An iphone 5 for 5 months . Sold it , i now have a galaxy s4
Janos Kovesdi ios is too restricted... feels like I'm stuck in a box. hate it. no widgets, android is much more user friendly and easy to customize
Isaac Castillo No.customization like android... no thanks
Dietrich Brown To restrictive its 2013 and my friend just got the iPhone 4 and he still can't get picture mail ...I have to email it to him gtfoh
Niall Barr because i have everything i want on my android and if i switch it will probably be very restriced with what i can do, coming from a Rooted Android phone and nexus 7 with custom roms
Juan Carlos Munoz I just switched from android to ios. It's way better. Half the features android has are gimmicks. People don't use them. So what's the point
Jason Paul Traylor have you seen Android? that's why i don't use iOS especially cause Google has 900 Million activations . how many does Apple have?
Tom Parkison I'd have to agree with Anthony with his comment about it being plain, boring, and not being able to do what I want with the device. I went to Android because of those issues and I couldn't be happier. It's my belief that when I put my money down to buy something, it's my device. I should be able to do what I want with the device that I bought with my money. It's not Apple's device, they don't own it, I own it since I was the one who bought it. For them to tell me what I can and can't do with a device that I bought is wrong. That's why I believe in Android and open standards. Open standards may not always result in everything being perfect but in the end, things change, things improve, and ultimately the consumer wins.
Tim Moore I started with Android back in 09 out of necessity on T-Mobile and now am a big fan. Way too many things I like and use on Android now that Apple doesn't have or isn't up to my liking. Doubt I'll ever switch.
Devin Martinez Switched from iP5 to the note2 about 2 months ago & god this phone & OS feel like a beta...can't wait for the next iphone
Nicholas Rivera I went from iOS , to Windows Phone , back to iOS then to Android. It wasn't until the 2nd time around i realized how BORING iOS was to me. I have nothing against Apple, obviously i gave em a second try but they couldnt keep me as a customer. iOS needs to change.
Rock Roche Lack of customization, the shape/size of the iPhone is not of my liking, and bad history w/ iPods(in short I don't use apple products).
Jose Guerrero Never used apple, never will, too simple and I like to customize my stuff, my way
David Lukens I like that android is open source and most apps and stuff is free.
Ziggy Torres Not enough features for the money. There is Always another phone with better everything.
Sonny J. Valentine Physical keyboard >.>
Art Lopez Itoys haha ill stick with my note 2
Dounutz Sesar Apple has never impressed me whit their updates on iphone just seem they copying android
Devin Vosburgh I was an android fanboy, tried the 4s and 5 for 3 months. Jailbroke it and made it look like an android device. Then realized, why not just use an android device. Been back on the wagon for a few months now.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I switched from ios 2 android because apple just kept on releasing the same thing with minor upgrades. So I took a chance & got the note2 and I dont regret it..
Lawrence Lepes Samsung makes the clearly superior phones. In my opinion, the "I" in Iphone stands for inferior.
Dave Bourque BB10 won me over.
Muhammad ElSrarie because its for kids !
Juan Carlos Munoz To simple is perfect for me. At least is stable and it works.
Anthony Evans to simple to boring to plain cant make it look how i want

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