Cell phones have been around for quite some time, and there have been a wide variety of models to fit almost every need imaginable. Smartphones have been around for a while now, too, but they’ve certainly become more prevalent over the last few years. I used a smartphone before 2007, but that was because I was selling phones at the time. Before that? It was just a plain old flip-phone for me, and it wasn’t all that smart.

Our phones today are one of the most important pieces of our daily puzzles. Most people can’t leave the house without it. I’m sure you know some people, just like I do, who would be lost without their phone. Or phones, given some circumstances. This is an inescapable truth, and why it’s so important for us to find a phone that we actually like. A phone that we not only want to take out of our pocket, or bag or wherever else and use, but one that does what we need it to, without much effort on our part.

The manufactures who bring those phones to market try very hard to cram as much as they can into the devices, to try and sell themselves to you. Want a big display? They’ve got that. Want a thin phone? They’ve got that, too. Want a phone that has more ways to takes notes than you can shake a stick at? You’re covered. It’s all in hopes that you choose one device over another. More or less, they’re hoping you fall in love with your phone.

They hope that one of their branded devices becomes one of your favorite devices.

Back in 2008, no one could have expected the surge in Android devices that would eventually come to pass. I can still remember back then that many people thought it wouldn’t stand a chance against the likes of BlackBerry, or against Apple’s growing presence in the smartphone market. But companies like HTC and Samsung saw Android as a tool, and they’ve used it to gain plenty of success since then.

And in that time, a lot of companies have released a lot of phones. Some more than others. But within the rank and file, there are devices that have shined brighter than others. Some that have stood the test of time, and left a soft spot in our hearts. In our memories. A device that, while you may have moved on, you still think about longingly from time to time. That’s why I want to know which Android device has been your favorite to date.

For me? The phone that fits the bill first is HTC’s original Hero. The international version. It was the first device that I ordered from an overseas retailer, and I remember being ridiculously happy to get it. HTC’s TouchFlo user interface had been upgraded to Sense UI, and I loved the changes. Especially in how they made Android look and function. I was in love with the device’s physical aesthetics, too. I got the white version. The screen size was great. And, I’ll be honest with you, I even love the chin. There, I said it.

There are a pair of phones that are tied for second place. The HTC DROID Incredible and Motorola’s original DROID. While the OG DROID came out first, it stood the test of time all the way up to the DROID Incredible’s launch to still warrant a place in my pocket for quite some time. And while the DROID Incredible was a plastic shell, I still loved it. The screen size and overall form factor were great, it was fast, and it was easily accessible from a developer’s standpoint, so adding custom ROMs was a breeze. The same goes for the original DROID, but considering it was running stock Android out of the box in that awesome metal shell, I never saw a reason to throw custom software on there. It was good right out of the gate.

It is HTC’s One that takes the top spot for me, even through all the Android phones of the past. It’s just that good. No, it isn’t perfect, and there are some serious quirks with the Sense software that I’m still having trouble understanding why they exist. But the hardware, screen size, and overall software all make up for the shortcomings in big ways. The positives for the One outweigh the negatives immensely. As I said in my written review for the device, this is the hardware that Android has been waiting for. There’s no doubt in my mind.

So now I want to hear from you. I want to know which Android device, and Android only (for right now) has been your favorite, and why. Was it the hardware that you just fell in love with? Or maybe the software? Or both? Did you find that device that married hardware and software so perfectly for you, that you instantly knew it was going to be a favorite? Which device stands the test of time for you? Let me know!

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"There are a lot to choose from, and you've probably owned a few by now over the years, but if you had to choose your favorite Android phone so far, which would it be?"

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Anonymous Definitely the Galaxy note 2,for the size,features and it runs fast and smooth!
Mark Fuller Jr.
Mark Fuller Jr. DROID X the first one not the X2 it crashed on me too much if the Droid X would of made a front facing camera id probably still own one right now.
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock AT&T LTE live in Dover, Delaware
Sayan Karmakar
Sayan Karmakar samsung captivate glide, am i right aaron :)
Nic Walker
Nic Walker The very first iPhone and the HTC one
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Of all my three smartphones, my favorite is the HTC One
Lesther Japsay
Lesther Japsay HTC Droid DNA
OM ID Galaxy S III
Chevon Lordevil Herron
Chevon Lordevil Herron s4
James Malone
James Malone Xperia Arc after 2 years people still think it's a new phone
Kenneth McClellan
Kenneth McClellan Droid DNA
Anonymous HTC Droid DNA
Danty Dmc
Danty Dmc galaxy s4
Rob Watkins
Rob Watkins Droid DNA
Yashinta Aprilia
Yashinta Aprilia Samsung S4~
Soh Boon Guan
Soh Boon Guan Now ? HTC One. :p
James Norwood
James Norwood Galaxy S4
PLoy Rachta Chittanonda
PLoy Rachta Chittanonda ONE OR S4
Anonymous Nexus 4!
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Atrix HD, would love to see the next moto device on at&t
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt Nexus 4 all the way!
Nik Salerno
Nik Salerno Oppo Find 5
Kristen Luce
Kristen Luce Rooted Note 2 with various enhancements such as stock Android 4.2. :)
BG Michael
BG Michael
BG Michael LG Optimus G..................
BG Michael
BG Michael LG Optimus G.............
Andrew Bissel
Andrew Bissel Nexus 4 or HTC one
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner My htc one x+ and now my Samsung galaxy s4
Jessica Wiseman
Jessica Wiseman Samsung*
Jessica Wiseman
Jessica Wiseman 3*
Jessica Wiseman
Jessica Wiseman I've only had 4. One samsuy and 2 HTCs and the EVO 4g LTE is my favorite so far. I loved the og EVO and it only got better with the LTE
Andrew Hackett
Andrew Hackett Droid razr
Brian J. Moore
Brian J. Moore HTC One.
Hazhar Amedi
Hazhar Amedi N4
Noel Negron-Marrero
Noel Negron-Marrero Well, the one I have right now is the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit II 4G from T-Mobile
Anonymous HTC One followed VERY closely by the Note II
Bryan Walker
Bryan Walker All my HTC phones to date desire evo sensation one s have enjoyed them all the same hard to chose but drumroll please one s is the clear winner but the RAZR m is close to it
Cameron Wayne Willis
Cameron Wayne Willis best design
Cameron Wayne Willis
Cameron Wayne Willis my favorite phone was the HTC G1
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Evo 4g, dinc2, note 2. Htc one, optimus g pro.
David L Walcott Jr.
David L Walcott Jr. Htc one s was my best android I had. Thought it was too expensive and no removable battery. Sold after two weeks. Now have a inspire as a daily driver. Still debating on getting a sensation as a daily. I have tmobile as my carrier.
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Nexus One and G2.
Vivek Jadhav
Vivek Jadhav Google Nexus 4 :)
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz S4
Mary Foley Whalen
Mary Foley Whalen I've had them all, and I gotta say .. The HTC one wins in my book.
Lucas Hohn
Lucas Hohn OG Epic
Vikas Nanda
Vikas Nanda The Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note 2...
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed Htc one and nexus 4
Maduka Suraweera
Maduka Suraweera MOTOROLA ATRIX 2 best android phone i ever had.but there is bit lag but i love it
Melly Mellsz
Melly Mellsz Htc hd2
Frankie Paz
Frankie Paz The original Droid Incredible. It was awesome. I still use mine for Internet radio etc.
Perro Rosello
Perro Rosello I have the htc one and love it but id still say the note 2
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich huawei ideos
Krunal Darji
Krunal Darji HTC One, if not that then The G1.. Yes.. the first google phone ever!
Dhun Patel
Dhun Patel Htc one
Glenn Rubio Urrea
Glenn Rubio Urrea The HTC EVO was my first Android experience and it was quite good. But my Nexus 4 is so far my favorite Android device to date. I love this phone.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling Id have to MAKE my ideal android,full 4 row qwerty ICS(JB upgradable of course) 1.7GHZ dual core snapdragon,superamoled screen,5.5 tall by 3.5 wide,3700MAH battery,12,MPcam
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Lol glass back.....so it can crack.
Joseph Garofola
Joseph Garofola The nexus4 clearly the best Android device ever made. The glass back is something no other OEM has ever constructed.
TuCan Dan
TuCan Dan Atrix (the first one)
Chad St John
Chad St John I agree eric....the RAZR HD has amazing build quality, great battery life and has just enough of stock android!!!
William Smith
William Smith Htc Thunderbolt! Yeah
Eric J. Powers
Eric J. Powers RAZR HD in white
Curtis M. Cook
Curtis M. Cook Either the Nexus One or Nexus 4.
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores Motorola Cliq and my S3
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull my s2 was the smoothest phone I've had in gingerbread.. sticks on official ics and jelly bean freezes all the time now ugghh
Anyaele John
Anyaele John gs4
Zaka Ur Rehman
Zaka Ur Rehman Galaxy Note 2
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez Have liked nearly all my Android phones but the HTC One I have right now is my fave.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I loved my Original HTC EVO 4G
Karl Wuscher
Karl Wuscher Nexus one hands down
Rolando Candanosa
Rolando Candanosa Way back when, LG G2X
Alex Villalpando
Alex Villalpando Loved my Samsung captivate amoled screen was breathtaking at the time
Rohith Mp
Rohith Mp htc one - revolution of smartphone
Cyrus Matiga
Cyrus Matiga HTC ONE!
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Easily the note 2 its the only android that I have owned and not felt the need to also have a iphone at the same time. The note 2 is my sole device.
Sheck Welle
Sheck Welle You guys are crap, you should enjoy and taste a pure Android or Stock so The Nexus lines are the best one to choose like the Buttery Nexus 4 unless your device runs the latest 4.2.2 .Haaaa :-D
Malcom Buckhannon
Malcom Buckhannon Samsung Galaxy s3 hands down the best I've had.
George Deleija
George Deleija NEXUS 4 ALL THE WAY
Carl Dale
Carl Dale lg 4x hd
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar HTC HD2 or/and PadFone2
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Either my note 2 or the galaxy nexus I had last year .
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti Gs4
Jason Kilgore
Jason Kilgore HTC One
Ylla Quezon Pansacula
Ylla Quezon Pansacula S4! :)
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Oppo 5
Dennis Tirado
Dennis Tirado From phoenix?
Desmond Crouthers
Desmond Crouthers HTC one
Todd Simmons
Todd Simmons So far it's been the Samsung Dart.
Mariano Molina Barreiro
Mariano Molina Barreiro the S2
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey My Samsung Galaxy Note II!
Jae Streets
Jae Streets Nexus 4
Michael Caswell
Michael Caswell S 3 hands down best so far
Steven Basso
Steven Basso lg eve gw620 that was a fun phone till it got stolen and also my note i717r and also palm pixi and hp veer
Harmoni Karlbom
Harmoni Karlbom If I had huge hands, then it would be the Note 2. Since I don't, the Galaxy S III is where it's at.
Corey Brown
Corey Brown HTC Hero. I miss the feeling of having something unique and refreshing, long before everyone was touting an Android around.
Brad Plowman
Brad Plowman Dropping my RAZR m for iPhone 5, done with android for awhile
Michael Kaufman
Michael Kaufman Nexus 4!
Anthony Charles Boyd
Anthony Charles Boyd Nexus 4 ftw
Radut Gabriel
Radut Gabriel note 2
Lona Bremer
Lona Bremer LG Spectrum 2. Fast reliable. Good reception for the fringe areas (unlike Samsung). And it was free!
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams My Nexus 4
Tony Upham
Tony Upham HTC ONE (black version) is best phone ever made
Sänjé Maharjan
Sänjé Maharjan Lol. HTC One itself is a model and is the latest one. The previous ones were, HTC One X, X+, V, SV. :D
Arcy Valdez Wall
Arcy Valdez Wall S4 but no can do right now
Nick Sanford
Nick Sanford Droid x. Didn't have 1 problem with it ever
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Nexus 4
Devin Vosburgh
Devin Vosburgh Galaxy s3 was the first one that made me go "wow" in with its stock ability. Rooted it but never flashed a ROM to it, I liked it that much. All the others wowed me after some hacking. lol
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph Lg nexus 4
Nikesh Girnatwar
Nikesh Girnatwar /\/\!crömax canvas pro hd... <3 .. <3 <3 !!!
Spencer Hunt
Spencer Hunt Galaxy s3. But my favorite that I don't own but would like to. The S4
Reinis Jansons
Reinis Jansons hd2
Pascal Bz
Pascal Bz GS3 the best ever
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Note2
Rúben Soares
Rúben Soares Without a shadow of a doubt the Galaxy Note gt n7000, the original Note is still one of the best phones out there, despite its many flaws (Main one being battery life).. It was the phone that got me completely high on android and trully awoke the sleeping geek inside of me! Its easily rootable, has tons of DEV support, dozens and dozens of custom ROMs as well as stock based ROMs and all that good stuff, probably hundreds (Or at least A REAL LOT) of compatible hacks and mods available! Lastly and mostly it was a pioneer, venturing in a new realm when everyone was ranting about "4.5 is already too much screen real estate, 5' would make me sick!" and "bla bla I can't handle a phone bigger than my manhood! bla bla", but despite the odds the Note raised the middle finger and soldiered on into success!
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Pure stock Android... Nexus!
Babatunde Aborisade
Babatunde Aborisade htc one no problems whatsoever
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano Nexus 4
Jesse Huertas
Jesse Huertas The original Nexus One will live on forever in my heart. The Galaxy S2-T-Mobile variant comes second. My current Note 2 is amazing currently. We'll see if it has longevity for me
August V. Brown
August V. Brown GNote2.
Arshad Hasan
Arshad Hasan nexus 4
Bram Nobbe
Bram Nobbe My dad's iPhone 4, wich is now 2 years old, has way less lag then my HTC Sensation
Muhammad Sumair Saqib
Muhammad Sumair Saqib hd2 and s2
Sheila Ellis
Sheila Ellis Galaxy Note 2 Phablet - The game changer
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman It's just the HTC one. Not the x or the s. just HTC one.
Devin Tolliver
Devin Tolliver Droid Razr
Casey Sayers
Casey Sayers Galaxy s1 actually
Baseer Alam Hashmi
Baseer Alam Hashmi I think HTC rhythm is also good
Eric Butts
Eric Butts Note 2
Bram Nobbe
Bram Nobbe Way less than a android phone
Baseer Alam Hashmi
Baseer Alam Hashmi which model of HTC1
Baseer Alam Hashmi
Baseer Alam Hashmi Are you sure? Iphone 5 will not lag?
Ku Bin
Ku Bin SKY A800S
Gabriel Silvestre
Gabriel Silvestre Samsung galaxy note 2 is the best android smartphone!!!
Marva Solomon
Marva Solomon I am really enjoying my razr m. I thought I'd prefer the larger screen, but I'm happier with the smaller phone.
Geoff Sauder
Geoff Sauder Note 3
Brett Michael Mullins
Brett Michael Mullins EVO 3d...couldve been sooooo much better than it was and didnt get enough credit
Bram Nobbe
Bram Nobbe No one, My Galaxy Ace: always lag, my HTC Sensation after the Android 4.0 uodate: always lag. I'm not going to spend 700,- for a stupid android phone that always have lag, even the Galaxy S4, I'm going to buy a iPhone 5. (sorry for my bad Englisch, I'm from the Netherlands..)
James Nelson
James Nelson Droid razor maxx best battery life out their couple of more months I am moving to the maxx HD can't wait
Dorothy MacDowell Pollock
Dorothy MacDowell Pollock I'm still using my Droid X and it works well.
????? ???????
????? ??????? S2
Qi Ren
Qi Ren None
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Evo and Nexus 4
Orewa Najib
Orewa Najib nexus 4 !!
Abdelrhman H. Sawey
Abdelrhman H. Sawey Samsung galaxy s3
Troy Keel
Troy Keel Note 2
Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn Original HTC EVO 4G, but eligible for upgrade soon
Josh Wolfe
Josh Wolfe Nexus One is my all time favorite so far
Yea Josea
Yea Josea droid razer
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen Droid X
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts Evo- sorry.
Roger Ohlsson
Roger Ohlsson Note 2
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado nexus 4..
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Note 2 best phone ever
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts HTC Hero was a great phone at its time. Then the OG Eco was pretty good (thanks to ROMs). Now I'm loving the Optimus G ( again thanks to custom ROMs).
Hiro Solis
Hiro Solis Note 2 the best phone
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman The Htc one is the best of the four I've owned.
Jason Lozano
Jason Lozano Note 2
Nick Speth
Nick Speth HTC G2, if it had a bigger screen and more processing power and ram I wouldn't have my Note2 at the moment
Jaideep Wadali
Jaideep Wadali samsung galaxy s4
Jonathan Garisto
Jonathan Garisto I've only had 2 smartphones in my time that were Android so I will have to go with what I am using now which is the Galaxy Nexus
Matthew Ryan Vargas
Matthew Ryan Vargas RAZR M
Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans skyrocket
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson I'm an iOS fan hands down but best android note2. Although hands down iPhone wins it all. Death to android.
Dounutz Sesar
Dounutz Sesar The g1 that started my love for android. And galaxy note
Shanard D. Seabrooks
Shanard D. Seabrooks Even Though I Don't Have A Smartphone (Yet), It Would Have To Be Between The Samsung GS3, GS4, And The Note 2
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam note 2
Miguel Macias
Miguel Macias GALAXY NOTE 2!!
Shawn Gergler
Shawn Gergler Note 2, best all around.
Marko Siim
Marko Siim Gnexus
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III None.
Arpit Verma
Arpit Verma Definitely my One X
Jessi Taylor
Jessi Taylor htc desire for the first 6 months... storage capacity rendered it nearly useless after that... but the camera was by far my favorite of all the phones i've owned or used (currently own s3)
Tiffåny ?lizabeth
Tiffåny ?lizabeth Galaxy Note 2...
Jarrett Lennon Kaufman
Jarrett Lennon Kaufman Nexus 4.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie my s2 not just cos samsung gave me a free one but even tho its kinda old now its still as good as the newest phones on the market today
James Dini
James Dini Nexus 4, smooth as butter.
Sameer Biala
Sameer Biala Note 2 till now.
Pratyush Shrivastava
Pratyush Shrivastava AOSP ;)

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