Boost Mobile Wallet service available today in select markets, national rollout starts this summer

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 21, 2013

Boost Mobile Wallet official

Looks like the mobile wallet game just got itself a new player. Boost Mobile today announced the launch of Boost Mobile Wallet, a service that allows customers of the operator to do things like send money to over 135 countries, pay bills to over 3,500 companies and top up prepaid wireless accounts. Boost Mobile Wallet is available starting today in Los Angeles, San Diego and parts of New Jersey, with a national rollout starting this summer and continuing through 2013. A special Boost Mobile Wallet Android app is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

Once a user is signed up for Boost Mobile Wallet, they must head to a participating Boost Mobile Authorized Dealer in order to load up their mobile wallet with cash, which includes a $3 cash reload fee. They'll then be able to send cash and pay bills with their mobile wallet, though it's worth noting that those features carry fees of varying amounts as well. 

Boost is also planning to introduce a Mobile Wallet Plus version of its service. Upgrading to Mobile Wallet Plus is free, and users that do so will be given a physical Visa Prepaid card that is tied to their Mobile Wallet account, is accepted wherever Visa cards are and can be used to withdraw funds from an ATM (fee of $2 per withdrawal after the first one). Additionally, Boost Mobile Plus customers will be able to take a photo of a check and have the funds deposited into their Mobile Wallet account for free. There's no word on exactly when Boost Mobile Wallet Plus will launch.

There are already several mobile wallet services available, but so far the different offerings have been locked to customers on certain providers. That's no different with Boost Mobile Wallet, but at least those customers on the Sprint MVNO now have their own dedicated wallet service. Although it's currently only available in certain markets, Boost Mobile Wallet looks like it could be an option worth investigating for Boost customers that want to ditch (or at least lighten) their physical wallets, though those folks should make sure to peruse the Boost Mobile Wallet site and make themselves aware of the various features and fees associated with the service. That site can be found right here.

Via Sprint, Google Play: Boost Mobile Wallet