Apple claims that Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Google Now infringe its patents in new court filing

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Black Mist

A week after Apple revealed that it would like to add the Galaxy S 4 to one of its patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung, the Cupertino firm has officially filed a motion for its request. In its filing, which has been shared by FOSS Patents, Apple says that it obtained an AT&T-branded Galaxy S 4 on April 27 and began examining the device for any possible infringement. The company says that its analysis found that the Galaxy S 4 infringes upon five of its patents, adding that its examinations of the Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S 4 variants showed the same instances of infringement. Apple also plans to analyze the Verizon Galaxy S 4 when it launches on May 23.

As I mentioned before, Apple and Samsung have been going back and forth in adding one another's flagship devices to their lawsuits as the hardware is released, and so it's no surprise to see Apple requesting that the Galaxy S 4 be added to this case. Apple claims that the Galaxy S 4 infringes its patents in much the same way that the other products it's targeting in this suit do. Speaking of other products, Apple has said that it plans to remove one Samsung product from its list of 22 in the suit in order to add the Galaxy S 4, but it's not known which device Apple will strike.

In addition to the Galaxy S 4, Apple also says that it'd like to update its infringement claims to include Google Now. The firm originally targeted Android's Quick Search Box with two patents, but it explains that Google has since introduced its Google Now app that Apple feels infringes upon the same two patents as the Quick Search Box. Apple's motion to amend its complaint against Samsung is available at the Scribd link below.

Via FOSS Patents, Scribd