Chrome for Android updated with fullscreen mode, iOS version gaining voice search soon

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: May 22, 2013

Chrome for Android update

There's some good news for fans of Google Chrome today, as Google has announced that it's updating both the Android and iOS versions of its browser with some nifty new features. First up, Chrome for Android is gaining a new fullscreen browsing mode on smartphones. As a user scrolls through a page, the Chrome toolbar will disappear to show more of the content. Scrolling up will bring the toolbar back. The Android flavor of Chrome will also show search queries in its omnibox rather than a lengthy URL, making it easier to refine a search. Rounding out the list of new Chrome for Android features is a tab history for tablets that can be accessed by holding the browser's back button, as well as some stability improvements.

Meanwhile, Chrome users on iOS will soon be gaining voice search capabilities. The next Chrome for iOS update will bring with it the ability to speak a search query simply by tapping a Google button that'll be located above the keyboard. Additionally, the new Chrome will be able to reload web pages more quickly thanks to its new, more efficient caching method for use when the network is slow. The final tweak being implemented by Google is the ability for other iOS apps to open links in Chrome, then return to the original app just a single tap.

So when can you Chrome-domes get these new features? Android users can snag the update from Google Play right now and start getting their full screen browsing on. The iOS crowd will need to wait a bit to try out their new features, as Google says that its Chrome for iOS update will be hitting the App Store "soon." Here's to hoping that, since Google announced the Chrome for iOS update and its new features today, the update itself isn't too far off. Download links to both apps can be found below.

Via Chrome blog, Google Play: Google Chrome, App Store: Google Chrome

Chrome for iOS update voice search