Android 4.3 Nexus 4 photos leak

Ready to wrap up the week with some juicy Android rumors? First up, XDA-developers forum members "chaleen" and "innocent36" claim to have spotted a Nexus 4 at the Thailand Mobile Expo that's running Android 4.3. The Nexus 4's "About phone" screen lists it as running software build number JWR45B with a kernel from mid-May. The Jelly Bean Easter egg also lists the Android version as being 4.3. However, the only noticeable changes in these images are found in the camera software, with the controls set off to the side above the shutter button rather than around the focus area.

We've heard rumblings of Android 4.3 in recent months, and we even spotted "Android 4.3" in some AOSP search results in the hours before Google I/O. However, Google hasn't actually announced what the next version of Android will be or what new features it will contain. It's kind of strange to see that an unannounced version of Android may be running on a Nexus 4 at a mobile conference, and as is usually the case with leaks like this, it might be wise to take these photos with a grain or two of salt. That said, the jump from Android 4.1 to 4.2 didn't contain a ton of major changes, and I wouldn't be surprised if a small camera control tweak is one of a handful of alterations that'll be made in what will likely be a small-ish update from 4.2 to 4.3.

The second leak today is one for the Gmail lovers out there. During a Google I/O session titled "Structure in Android App Design", a new version of the Gmail app for Android was apparently included in a Google employee's presentation slide. As you can see below, the new app contains three small ticks in the upper left corner that can be used to slide out the new navigation panel. This panel slides out over the list of emails and provides the user with access to the Inbox, Priority Inbox, Recent Labels and All Labels sections. We can also see that the action bar at the bottom of the current Gmail app is gone, with the Compose and Search buttons moving up to the top action bar next to the user's email address.

While this new Gmail app isn't a total redesign, it does appear to feature some new navigation that could make jumping around to different Gmail functions easier. Of course, it's possible that this is just a mockup that was thrown together for the presentation. Android Police, which originally spotted this new Gmail app, argues that this is indeed the real deal because of the other tweaks found in the screenshot (like the missing bottom action bar and resized stars on the side) as well as the fact that a dogfood version of the Google Play Store was shown in screenshots from earlier in the presentation. To check the app out for yourself, you can find it at the 23-minute mark in the presentation below.

UPDATE: And now a video showing Android 4.3's new camera controls in action has been posted by Google+ user Theogusper George Philip Piccadilly. As we saw before, the camera controls are can now be popped up near to the shutter button by pressing the settings key that's right next to that soft shutter key. Users are also still able to access the controls by tapping and holding on the display. Finally, Droid-Life notes that there's a countdown timer included in the settings that doesn't appear to be present in Android 4.2. You can check out the brief clip below.

New Gmail for Android app screenshot

Via Droid-Life (1), (2) XDA-Developers forums (1), (2), (3), Android Police, YouTube, +Theogusper George Philip Piccadilly

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Android 4.3 purportedly...
Android 4.3 purportedly...
Android 4.3 purportedly...
Android 4.3 purportedly...

Android 4.3 purportedly...

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Orewa Najib
Orewa Najib pure android doesnt lag on quad core . my nexus 4 never lag since i bought it .
Harvie Galenzoga Boles
Harvie Galenzoga Boles the problem is within android OS architecture
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson I'd like to see them give you more control over the arrangement of your home screen. For example, most phones have ginormous screens and eye-poppingly-high resolution--so why are we still stuck at 4x4 icon grid?! Like many 3rd party launchers, why can't stock Android allow you to change that and make use of your bigger screen with higher resolution? I'd also like to see more widgets for productivity included. Smoother animations. Increased battery life. Maybe a slightly better camera app on the stock interface.
Joseph James Gabo
Joseph James Gabo Retina controlled interface
Johnny Ezell Jr.
Johnny Ezell Jr. Nooo man they are talking about Android 4.3 not TouchWiz. Pure Android does not have battery % in the status bar. My GS4 has it but my GNex didn't because it was "pure" Android. Unless I was running a custom rom.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey You must be on Android 2.1 because my Note II has battery % in the status bar, and so has every phone I've had in the last two years. :P
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Android is moving too fast for how slow they are. It seems like we're always on one or two versions ahead of where MOST Android devices are. How many Android devices have yet to see 4.2.2 but now we're talking about 4.3??? That is the ONE area where CrApple continues to dominate Android. At least their devices are up-to-date in no time. Slow ass updates on Android frustrate the hell out of me.
Chris Brisson
Chris Brisson Better use of all those processor cores to address lag. And better integration of voice commands with common phone functions (to be a better assistant and not just a search bot).
Johnny Ezell Jr.
Johnny Ezell Jr. Actual battery % in the status bar would be nice...
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano I would like to see more extra features now like Samsung and HTC adds to their phones. Ex screen modes, more widgets, Google's own weather widget.. stuff like that.
Azhagu Morrison
Azhagu Morrison fix the starting delay while watching you tube in android phones
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Android has now reached a very high level and i believe at this point android really only needs polish rather than anything radically new.
Paul Kirincic
Paul Kirincic Fix all the bugs that have been present in 4.2, 4.2.1, and 4.2.2!!!!
Nico Support for old phones xD
Felix Tran
Felix Tran A card-like white UI.

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