White Google Nexus 4 press images leak

The white Google Nexus 4 has popped up several times in the wild, but so far we haven't seen any press images of the device make their way online. That changes tonight, because the folks at Android Police have gotten hold of some press renders that show the white Nexus 4's face, rear and side. The handset in these images look just like the one that we've already seen several times, sporting a backside and outer edge that are both white and a front that's black. The source of the images claims that the white Nexus 4, which is said to sport the model number E960W, will be sold in 8GB and 16GB varieties.

Google has offered white versions of the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus in the past, and so it's good to see that the white Nexus tradition will continue with the Nexus 4. There will likely be some folks that'll be bummed if the white Nexus 4 does indeed come to market in the same 8GB and 16GB versions as the black version, but hey, at least we've got this new color to get excited about. There's still no concrete information concerning the white Nexus 4's launch date, but a recent rumor suggested that it could be released on June 10. If you're a fan of white gadgets and aren't already saving up for this device, it might not be a bad idea to start now.

Via Android Police

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"Will you be buying a white Nexus 4 once it's finally released?"

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Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat ok well the s4 is going to be released on stock android, so unless someone really likes LG or an easily shattered glass back, i see no benefit of it other than price
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen isn't all about specs.
Ira Bachman
Ira Bachman If it has LTE and is on Verizon....black or white...definitely.
Faseeh Pervaiz
Faseeh Pervaiz its display sucks ! even though its a 720p hd display but still the pixel density is not that good to compete with other 720p displays in the market !
Jerry  Wu
Jerry Wu no
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Nope. Ill keep my s4 until the next nexus which i hope is not made by lg.
Michael Heiser
Michael Heiser NOPE! I'm waiting on Casio to come out with a new phone. I need a durable phone. This commando is out dated.
Linda Evans
Linda Evans Me too galaxys4
Howie Eastin
Howie Eastin Sticking with my GALAXY S4 Thank you :)
Orewa Najib
Orewa Najib i want a full white nexus 4 . including the front glass
Jr Martinez
Jr Martinez Nope. I have my eyes set on the HTC One Google version
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino Nooo i'll keep my blackone
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira this phone lost its appeal already, i have one sitting on my desk without a sim card in it if anyone wants a 16gb version
Edgar Perret-Gentil
Edgar Perret-Gentil probably not. but nice device!!
Carl Dale
Carl Dale no, im too poor :)
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa No
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat why are they still working on this instead of making the next model. it's already behind on specs in the android market
Nico Haha! No.
Christopher W Sanders
Christopher W Sanders Uh, NO!
Shane Stenson
Shane Stenson No, I like my black nexus 4. But I can't wait till android 4.3 comes out. Lol
Sambo Chao
Sambo Chao No...waiting for next gen.
Jozef Sakac
Jozef Sakac Nope just got a white S4
Dane Hartenbower
Dane Hartenbower I personally love the black front glass and bezel with the white back.
Jeph Swift
Jeph Swift It's called a sticker and a case. 7 bucks tops on amazon. Damn, look, I got a blue Nexus 4. Take that suckers ;)
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson A white back but a black front?! No thanks, that's just tacky. Make the whole thing white!!!
Younge Nicson
Younge Nicson Only if it was 32gb
Gary Bollinger
Gary Bollinger Nope i am gonna buy an S4
Randy Padilla
Randy Padilla No
Sheila Ellis
Sheila Ellis No. There is nothing earth-shattering about it. It appears feature short and has no great eye appeal. Simply changing the color is not feature-forward, lol
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi Nothing beats a color option on last year's phone...
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen the white Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were never offered in the US. Are we to expect that this one is going to be? I'm also assuming the white replacement back will eventually be available and people can just do a conversion if they really want to.
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano The front is black. No.
Lexus Chu
Lexus Chu white! is a nice colour. n good handset
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn Nope! Dammit U took to long Google!!
Timeka Vershae
Timeka Vershae No
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson Meh......I'll pass. Also, the back is made of glass (not gorilla either) that can break easy if you drop it, only 16GB of space, and no LTE.........
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Nope..happy with my note2.
Pierre Ware
Pierre Ware ...Really google? A white nexus 4 and still no 32gb model!!!
Manuel Olivas
Manuel Olivas Nope already got the black one I think it looks better then the white one

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