Brown Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leak

At this point, it should be fairly obvious that Samsung isn't afraid to re-release its existing products in new colors. We've seen it happen with the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S 4, and now it looks like the Samsung's got some new paint jobs planned for the Galaxy Note 8.0 as well.

A new image has been posted to Twitter by @evleaks that shows the Galaxy Note 8.0 in brown, complete with a matching brown S Pen stylus. Shortly after sharing the render of the brown Galaxy Note 8.0, @evleaks retweeted an image of a pink Galaxy Note 8.0 unit that was posted by @DakiX, a developer and blogger at AndroidSlash. The image that shows the alleged pink Galaxy Note 8.0 and its S Pen can be found below.

Obviously these devices shouldn't be considered official until Samsung is the one posting images of them. As I mentioned before, though, Samsung is known for introducing new colors of its existing hardware, and so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Galaxy Note 8.0 the same treatment. Plus, we've seen Samsung launch pink and brown products in the past, and so they're two colors that would make sense for the Galaxy Note 8.0 to don as well. What do you think of these two new Galaxy Note 8.0 colors? Will you be interested in either of them if they're actually released?

UPDATE: Apologies folks, but @DakiX has gotten in contact with us to say that the pink Galaxy Note 8.0 is just a render that he put together, not an actual product. So for now it looks like the only new Note 8.0 color that's on the way is a brown model.

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leak

Via @evleaks, @DakiX

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"Is using an S Pen or other stylus with a tablet something that appeals to you?"

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Jurendly Sambo
Jurendly Sambo is the battery life of the Note 8.0 good ?
Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II
Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II Yes
Martin Láwliet Amuesi
Martin Láwliet Amuesi It's a nice touch. I'd use it from time to time.
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Yes
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson I love using It on my note 2!
Anonymous Wanted to get one but unfortunately, the camera on the device isn't up to my expectations and there is no flash...
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Never used spen. Not even on my note 2.
Jason Roets
Jason Roets I like using it on my Note 10.1 tablet. One of the main reasons why I bought it.
Carl Dale
Carl Dale nope
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez I love using the stylus on my note 2 when I do. However is very rare that I do use it.
Brain Roopull
Brain Roopull Using a stylus with my old Windows 5.0 phone appealed to me. The idea still appeals to me!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I honestly wouldn't care if my note2 didnt have one..
Eric Magana
Eric Magana s pen is useless Tbh
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey I uses it all the time on my Note II. If you're not someone who has some sort of business-use for a cell phone, it may not be something you care much about. But even those who don't use the Note II for its superior business-oriented capability, can find use for an S Pen.
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza Have never taken out my S-Pen since I got the Note 2
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams Honestly no. I have a Bamboo stylus for my iPad thinking I'd be all over it, but I never use it.
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Phone companies need to stop making a million varient of each phone..conservation is key these days..instead of making clones off each phone..use the extra resources to make the quality of phones better ...
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Yup. Getting the Note 3 when it comes out.
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn Yea seems like 10 inch tablets are suppose to have one
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Not really.. I rarely use it on my note2.

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