PhoneDog PhoneFacts, Episode 2: You've Got a Pretty Mouth

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 28, 2013

PhoneDog PhoneFacts episode 2 Aaron Baker

Is there a better way to help kickstart a week than with some cellphone facts? Of course not! That's why we're presenting you with the second episode of PhoneDog PhoneFacts, a video series documenting the history of all things communications that helped lead us to the modern cellphone. The videos are the result of a partnership between PhoneDog and Tiny Galaxy and are hosted by PhoneDog Editor-In-Chief Aaron Baker.

In the latest episode of PhoneDog PhoneFacts, Aaron continues to drop more phone knowledge on topics like the first phonebook, why cellphones are called "cellphones" and early FCC spectrum regulation. For example, did you know that due to the FCC's regulation of available spectrum in 1947, only 23 mobile phone conversations could be held at the same time in a given area? For more cellphone facts that can impress your friends and help you win your next trivia contest, be sure to check out episode two of PhoneDog PhoneFacts below!