White Nexus 4 officially announced by LG as company exec hints at upcoming Android tablet

Alex Wagner
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| May 28, 2013

White Nexus 4 LG Google official

The white Nexus 4 has been the subject of many rumors and leaks as of late, but today the hotly-anticipated handset finally made the jump from Rumordom to Officialville. LG this morning confirmed the white Nexus 4's existence, saying that the device features "the same stellar Android experience as the original Nexus 4," including a 4.7-inch 1280x768 display, 2GB RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

As far as availability goes, LG says that the Nexus 4 will launch in Hong Kong on May 29. The device will roll out to "selected markets" in places like Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East in the coming weeks. No pricing information was given.

Hot on the heels of the white Nexus 4 announcement, LG Mobile Europe VP Won Kim conducted an interview with Dutch site All About Phones in which the exec was thought to have said that LG isn't interested making the next Nexus. LG later clarified Kim's statements, though, telling The Verge that while it isn't working on a "Nexus 5" device, it wouldn't turn down the chance to work with Google another time. LG went on to say that what Kim actually meant is that the firm doesn't need to make a Nexus device in order to be successful.

Rumors from earlier this month claimed that LG is indeed partnering with Google on another Nexus device. The company's statement today obviously contradicts those claims, but I wouldn't expect LG to come straight out and say "Yes, we're working on the Nexus 5." The Nexus 4 seems to have been a hit with consumers, and we've seen before that manufacturers can be repeat members of the Nexus program, and so I wouldn't rule out a new LG-made Nexus quite yet. It's looking likely that we'll see a new Nexus this fall like we have the past couple of years, and so we'll just have to wait until then to see who truly is behind the next entry in the Nexus line.

Moving on to things that LG may actually be working on, Won Kim later told All About Phones that LG is prepping a new Android tablet. Following comments from last year suggesting that LG would be putting tablet development "on the back burner," Won Kim is said to have confirmed that the company has a new Android-powered slate in the works and that LG continues to invest in tablets, despite the fact that the market is "segmented."

In addition to a tablet, Won Kim said that LG is working on phones powered by a new platform that isn't made by itself. The exec didn't say exactly which platform will power its new handsets, but Mozilla has said that LG is working on Firefox OS-powered hardware, so it's possible that that's what Won Kim was referring to.

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