Nokia Lumia Amber update teased in new batch of leaked photos

Alex Wagner
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| Published: May 29, 2013

Nokia Lumia Amber FM tuner Lumia 925

Nokia revealed earlier this month that it plans to release an update known as "Lumia Amber" to its Windows Phone 8 devices that will bring with it the company's new Smart Camera functionality as well as some other goodies. According to the rumor mill, those "other goodies" include the FM radio support that'll come with the general Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update as well as flip-to-silence, double-tap-to-wake and more. Now images that show some of Amber's features in action on a Lumia 925 have made their way online.

Appearing in the WPCentral forums after originating at Chinese site, this newly-leaked set of photos shows the aluminum-clad Nokia Lumia 925 demonstrating some of the goodies that are expected to come as part of the Amber update, including FM radio and the new lock screen clock. The latter feature will display the time on a device's screen while it's sleeping and is one that Nokia has used on several of its previous non-Windows Phone devices. This leaked batch of photos also includes a shot of the Lumia 925 with Data Sense, a feature that helps users to track their data usage. Data Sense is only available on a carrier-by-carrier basis, but it's rumored that number of operators that support it could expand with the GDR2 update.

Nokia has said that it plans to roll this Lumia Amber update out to its Windows Phone 8 devices starting this summer. It's not clear exactly when in the summer Lumia users will get the opportunity to tinker with Amber's new features, but if the rumors and leaks concerning the update hold true, it sounds like it'll be something worth getting excited about for anyone that's got a Lumia in their pocket. To keep you occupied until we hear more, there are a couple more images of the Amber-equipped Lumia 925 below, with several more available at the WPCentral forums link below.

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Nokia Lumia Amber lock screen clock Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia Amber Data Sense Lumia 925

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