Apple rumored to be testing AirDrop wireless file sharing feature for iOS 7

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 2, 2013

Apple AirDrop Mac official

The list of changes that are rumored to be coming in iOS 7 includes integration with Flickr and Vimeo, a new look for Apple's built-in apps and a flatter overall design. Now it looks like we can add another feature to that list, as a new report claims that Apple is currently testing Airdrop wireless file sharing support for iOS.

According to sources speaking to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently testing iOS 7 software that includes AirDrop Wi-Fi file sharing, similar to the feature that's currently offered on its Mac computers running OS X 10.7 or higher. The tipsters claim that AirDrop is built into the iOS share menu and would enable the transfer of files from one iOS device to another. It's said that the feature may work between an iOS device and a Mac as well.

In addition to its report on Apple's testing of AirDrop, 9to5Mac notes that the company actually worked on an AirDrop file sharing tool for iOS in 2012. The company ultimately decided to postpone the feature, though, and so it's possible that Apple could opt to push AirDrop back once again.

Wireless file transfer between iOS devices may not be as big a change as iOS 7's rumored flat design, but the feature could serve as a quicker and easier alternative to other sharing methods (like email). The ability to transfer files between iOS and Mac hardware would be an especially nice addition that would be faster than loading up iTunes and performing a sync in order to move a few files around.

Apple will officially introduce us to iOS 7 at its WWDC conference, which runs from June 10 through June 14. What do you iOS folk make of this rumor? How frequently do you think that you'd use AirDrop if the feature were to make the cut into iOS 7?

Via 9to5Mac