Featured user review Samsung Galaxy Note II 6-5-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| June 5, 2013

Not giving up ground to any of the smartphones in pursuit, the Samsung Galaxy Note II maintained it's third place position for another week on the People's Choice side of the Official Smartphone Rankings.

"A price worthy device to get!"  By LEONARD WONG on May 25, 20123

I was an iPhone 5 User before switching to the Galaxy Note 2 as it totally blew me away with it gorgeous 720p HD display and the 5.5 inch display.  It is truly phenomenal ! I am able to see more of my content at one time.

Multitasking feature seems like a gimmick but when you really need to use it, you will be totally amazed how smooth and great it work.  Task are easily completed with it. Watching videos on the Galaxy Note 2 is enjoyable with the large 5.5inch display , it really is the middle of a tablet and a phone. Many people think it is too big on the hand but I can really tell you from my experience , you won't really feel big after using a bit and you will really think that the phone you use previously seems small.

To sum it up, it is truly a device that will be worth every penny you spent!

Display 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 5.0

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