Facebook Home gaining favorite apps tray with new update, folders and widgets coming soon

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 6, 2013

Facebook Home

When Facebook Home was first made official, Zuckerberg and Co. promised that the software would receive frequent updates. One of those updates is arriving today as part of an upgrade to the main Facebook for Android app, and the update is bringing with it a pretty big new feature for Facebook Home users.

Along with some tweaks for the Facebook for Android app itself, today's update brings with it a new "favorites tray" for Facebook Home users that will serve as an app dock. Facebook explained to AllThingsD that Facebook Home users have been clamoring for a "more robust app launcher," and this dock is the first step toward providing that. The company also says that folders and widget support will be added to Facebook Home in the future.

In addition to the new dock, Facebook Home is receiving some unnamed bug fixes with today's update. Meanwhile, folks that are using only the Facebook for Android app can expect to see stability and memory improvements, the ability to send multiple images in a single message and the option of changing who can see something that the user shared.

Facebook Home was the subject of quite a bit of hype in the weeks leading up its release, which isn't a surprise considering that it's a new mobile product from Facebook. The launcher hasn't exactly caught fire with users since its launch, though, with some users saying that while it looks nice at first, it could still use some work. This new favorite apps try could be a way to convince consumers to give Facebook Home another go by adding in a dock-like feature that they've grown accustomed to seeing in other smartphone UIs. Whether or not that works out remains to be seen, but if you've tried Home in the past and weren't impressed, it could be worth trying again with the addition of a dock and the planned support for folders and widgets. The Google Play download links for both Facebook for Android and Facebook Home can be found below.

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