I wish I had more interest in the rumored Nokia EOS

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 7, 2013

Everyone has their own set of features they're looking for when it comes to a new phone. Maybe they want a physical QWERTY keyboard. Maybe they want their next phone to be thin and light. Or, maybe they want a phone with a big enough battery that they don't have to worry about using the thing throughout the day. (Okay, we all want that, but you get the idea.) Whatever the case may be, there's probably going to be at least one phone out there that fits the bill. It's all about filling the niche.

Nokia's commitment to Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, is seconded only to the manufacturer's commitment to making cameras that excel in their performance, especially in certain situations. Most recently, we've seen Nokia put a huge focus on low-light situations, as we've seen from their marketing of the Verizon-branded Lumia 928, and even back as far as the Lumia 920.

These cameras come along with a cool brand name, too, of course. After all, if you've got a cool feature or piece of hardware, it needs a cool name, right? For Nokia, their "high-end" cameras come along with a PureView tag, and it's supposed to immediately tell you that the camera you're using is one of the best out there. Especially when it comes to using a camera in a smartphone.

The trouble with the PureView name, though, is that it started with a Symbian-based device called the 808 PureView, and it carried with it a 41-megapixel camera. The trouble comes from the fact that that sets up a pretty high bar for the PureView brand, which has subsequently lost that high bar ever since. Since then, we've seen relatively "normal" megapixels shoved into the cameras of phones like the Lumia 920, or even the Lumia 928.

"But, it's the technology!" And you'd be right. It is. And that's why Nokia doesn't feel bad about using the brand name for those "lesser" cameras. But at the same time, they're quick to point out that up until now the only "true" PureView camera is the first, the 808 PureView. So, these other phones must be fake PureView-branded devices. And that's odd.

Luckily for anyone who wants that true experience, it looks like Nokia is gearing up to launch a new true PureView camera here shortly. According to several leaks that have happened recently, Nokia and AT&T are currently testing the "EOS," which is a 41MP PureView camera running Windows Phone. This is a dream come true for those who missed out on the original PureView device.

Unless, of course, you haven't readied yourself to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon just yet.

I've told you in the past that the camera on my smartphone has become one of, if not the most, important part on my device, but I'm just not excited for this "new" 41MP handset. Why? Not because I think think the 41-megapixel camera is a gimmick, because that isn't the case at all. I've used an 808 PureView and the camera is ridiculously good. So, if I know the camera in this new phone will probably be just as good, and I want the camera in my phone to be the best, why wouldn't I want this device?

It's that rumored OLED display, for one. I honestly just don't want the over saturated colors anymore. I want the ridiculously nice display on the HTC One (Super LCD3), or even Apple's iPhone 5 (LED-backlit IPS). I used to be in love with OLED, but I've just moved on. So, if that particular rumor for this EOS device pan out, it's already been knocked out as a contender for my next phone.

Unfortunately, right now, the other reason is Windows Phone itself. While I've wanted to love Windows Phone for a very, very long time now, it's just not where I need it to be personally quite yet. The things I use every day aren't there. The games I play every day aren't there. And while the camera may be amazing --just like it is on the Lumia 920 or 928-- it isn't enough to get me to switch permanently to the device. I have no qualms about trying it. But owning it as my daily driver? Not so much.

Not yet.

That rumored polycarbonate body and 32GB of on-board storage sound nice, though.

So tell me, how do you feel about this new rumored handset? For one, do you think it's real, and do you think it will launch on AT&T's network by July, as some rumors suggest? If it does launch, are you thinking about making it your next phone? Or are you planning on skipping it for something else? Let me know.

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