Featured user review Samsung Galaxy S 4 (6-11-13)

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| June 11, 2013

Another week passes, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 maintained the #2 spot on the Official Smartphone Rankings.  With the addition of the Samsung Galaxy Mega or other new smartphones this week give the top three a run for their money?  Be sure to place your vote each week for your favorite.

"Still not sure"  By KYRA ASIA SOUTHWELL on June 4, 2013

I have previously been an Apple chick, but i decided to switch to android to change it up to see what the G-O is with a different OS and to help me in my new job by having a feel for android. 

I would love it greatly if we could meld an iPhone 5 and a GS4 together. I went for a plastic design for a grippier feel as i love using phones as they are intended in the hand (without always arming a case) but i was still not impressed with just how easily the bezel on the GS4 folded. Mine dinted super easy, but hey, it's plastic. 

I prefer the app store on iOS as i feel there is more available and i prefer the layout over playstore.

The battery life of my iP5 was fairly poor but the 2600mA battery in the GS4 does an outstanding job even though i am usually where there isn't a lot of 3G signal. But i do feel signal strength was better in the iP5.

My GS4 has been having a lot of glitching throughout the entire experience; gaming, processing etc. And like everyone else, the software and bloatware taking up so much internal space os a massive downer.

I'd love to have a go/trial with the HTC one as the boom sound looks fab. The speakers in the GS4 are pretty lame considering the price tag. People complain about sound quality when on loudspeaker and the output sound is a little tinny and very soft for such a large phone. 

The Amoled display is great but could be a little better in brightness at times.

I am enjoying having a little more stock customisation on this GS4 than the iP5 (which was jailbroken) And after using the Gs4 for some time now i still feel that with the software a lot of stock things run smoother on the iP5.

Overall though, i am liking the GS4 but i would love it if i could meld my two phones together!

Display 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Apps & Media Support 3/5
Reception & Call Quality 4/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.2

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