Google+ gaining notification sync, Android app update brings additional improvements

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 13, 2013

Google+ for Android notification sync

Less than a month after Google rolled out a version 4.0 update for its Google+ for Android app, the company today announced that it's adding even more new features to its social network. Google employees Vic Gundotra and Balaji Srinivasan have revealed that Google+ notifications will updated to support syncing across mobile and desktop, meaning that viewing or dismissing a G+ notification on one device will do the same thing on a user's other hardware. Google is also adding a bell icon to alert the user to any new notifications, as well as an updated notification tray that separates unread and previously-viewed items.

These new notifications will be rolling out to Android and the web first, and Gundotra says that they'll be coming to iOS shortly. In addition to the new notifications, Android users can download a v4.01 update to the Google+ for Android app that adds in the ability to delete images from the Photo view, the option of viewing +1's, comments and reshares by tapping on a post, a new left-hand menu design that brings the design of the app in line with Google's other apps and other performance improvements. The Google+ for Android v4.01 update is now available in the Google Play Store.

Google+ is getting close to its second birthday, having opened its virtual doors to the world in late June 2011. Since then, Google has steadily been tweaking and improving both the social network itself and its mobile apps, and today's addition of notification sync is something that I'm sure will please many users of the service. If you count yourself among that crowd and you use the Android app to get your +1-ing and circling done on the go, you can hit up the Google Play link below to download the piping hot v4.01 update.

Via Android Police, +Vic Gundotra, Google Play: Google+ for Android

Google+ for Android notification tray