Huawei executive says company is 'open-minded' about acquiring Nokia

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 18, 2013

Huawei logo CES

Along with its announcement of the new 6.18mm-thick Ascend P6 today, Huawei today teased that it would be interested in acquiring Nokia as a way to help grow its business. Speaking to the Financial Times, Huawei consumer product chief Richard Yu said that his company is exploring ways that it could get bigger, adding that an acquisition is one avenue that Huawei is interested in. Yu then name-dropped Nokia, saying that the two firms might have "some synergies," but that such a deal would require Nokia to be onboard. As for Huawei? "We are open-minded," Yu said.

While Yu did specifically call out Nokia as one company that Huawei would like to acquire, it's worth noting that there's been no evidence that Huawei and Nokia are actually holding discussions regarding a buyout. If there any whiffs of acquisition talks between Huawei and Nokia were to surface, I'm betting that Microsoft would fight pretty hard to ensure that Nokia keeps cranking out Windows Phone products since Nokia is clearly a huge part of that platform's ecosystem. Still, it'd be interesting to see what a combined Huawei and Nokia would look like and what types of products it would create. Do you think that Nokia would ever actually get acquired by Huawei? Or is such a deal unlikely for one reason or another (like Microsoft)?

Via PhoneScoop, Barron's, Financial Times