Verizon Galaxy S III maintenance update rolling out to users [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 20, 2013

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III VRBMDF1 update

Some Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III owners began experiencing issues with their handset after installing the recent I535VRBMD3 update that brought with it Multi-Window and a host of other tweaks. The good news is that a week after Verizon acknowledged the problem, it appears to be rolling out a new update to address the connectivity woes caused by the previous update.

As noted by Droid-Life, Verizon's Galaxy S III is currently receiving an update to software version I535VRBMDF1. Several owners of the device have already been bumped up to the latest software, reporting that their data connectivity appears to have returned to normal after installation. Verizon hasn't yet posted its official documentation for the VRBMDF1 update, so it's not yet clear exactly what's inside, but we could see that information posted soon now that the new software is making its way to users.

It's never good to hear about consumers having issues with their handset after installing an update, and that's especially true with this recent update for Verizon's Galaxy S III. It was a major update for the device that brought with it several new features and bug fixes, but some folks ended up holding off on installing it, missing out on those goodies so that they didn't have to risk running into the same connectivity issues that others were having. Thankfully, it didn't take Samsung and Verizon too long to put together a new update to address the issues caused by the previous one.

I'll update you once Verizon posts the changelog for the VRBMDF1 update. Until then, you Verizon Galaxy S III owners can let us know once the update hits your device down in the comments below.

UPDATE: Verizon has posted the full changelog for the I515VRMMF1 update. The new changelog is pretty similar to the old one, but it does add support for the VMWare Horizon Mobile Switch app as well as a mysterious "Google Security Patch." The update is listed as weighing in at 116MB. You can find Verizon's VRBMF1 changelog below:


  • Access your Wi-Fi connection easily on multiple devices when in Hotspot mode
  • Use ‘bill to my Verizon Wireless Account’ when buying apps from Google Play
  • Access phone screen without unlocking device when connected via Bluetooth headset
  • Use two apps simultaneously side-byside with Multi Screen and Multi Window 
  • Categorize and display images, photos and videos with Samsung Gallery
  • Sync two devices and share content seamlessly with S Beam’s ‘Auto Share Shot’ 
  • Transfer content easily between devices with Samsung Smart Switch tool 
  • Get popup suggestions from Page Buddy when connected to accessories like a wired stereo headset
  • Tag weather, people and place information in photos and video with Contextual Tag
  • Arrange apps in order of frequency of use for faster access with Contextual App Link 
  • Pick the perfect group picture from five burst shots with ‘Best Shot’ 
  • Select and customize specific folders by category and file type with My Files tool
  • Save MMS attachments in your Gallery for quick posting and sharing
  • Create a variety of image styles with Paper Artist tool


  • Removed pop-up messages ‘Refreshing SIM Data’, ‘No SIM’ and ‘SD Card Inserted’
  • New message notification tone is no longer clipped
  • Devices remain in 4G mode without dropping to 3G when Hotspot is on 
  • The Burst Shot setting is no longer the default setting in the Camera application
  • Consistent functionality of the Screen Time Out feature 
  • Applications running prior to sleep mode will remain open when home key is pressed
  • Backspace button will no longer clear an entire sentence – only the intended word
  • Support for VMware Horizon Mobile Switch Application has been added to provide a secure, separate environment for your business appllications on the same device. For more information, please visit
  • Fixed an issue where web browsing would sometimes cause the device to reset 
  • Lock screen function improved when screen is idle
  • NFC is now easier to turn on 
  • Device is now recognized by the computer when connected via USB cable
  • Audio distortion fixed when connected to some Car Kits  is resolved
  • All devices can now receive over-the-air software updates 
  • Voice recognition performance is improved with the updated S Voice Application 
  • ‘Remove All’ is now ‘Close All’ in the Task Manager menu
  • Google Security Patch has been added


  • Catch up on news easily with the Flipboard 
  • Recognize contacts quickly with Caller Name ID application version 1.14.16

Via Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless

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