PhoneDog PhoneFacts, Episode 6: Instagram, Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 25, 2013

PhoneDog PhoneFacts Instagram filters

Instagram has been in the news quite a bit lately thanks to its recent addition of video support, so now seems as good a time as any for PhoneDog PhoneFacts to focus its spotlight on the service. Episode six of PhoneDog PhoneFacts is titled "Instagram, Best Friend or Worst Enemy?," and in it Aaron offers some helpful tips to both Instagram's developers and its users.

One subject of Instagram that many users would probably like to see less of is food. Who hasn't seen what a bowl of instant ramen looks like in real life? However, Aaron suggests that one situation in which food photos are acceptable is when you're dining at a five-star restaurant. After all, if you're dropping $200 on a meal, people will probably be curious about exactly what your pile of cash bought you.

Meanwhile, Aaron thinks that Instagram would be "fun-ner" with an increased number of photos with people as the subjects. And while we're at it, maybe Instagram could even add some new people-specific filters! Who wouldn't love to apply a good selfie filter to make that portrait of him or herself even more glamorous? 

For more on Instagram and the reasons why it'd be better with fewer food photos, check out episode six of PhoneDog PhoneFacts below! Are you an Instagram user? If so, be sure to give us a follow! We promise to focus on phones, not food.