Latest Google Glass update brings improved voice controls, ability to view websites and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 1, 2013

Google Glass white

After rolling out some nice updates to Google Glass owners in May and June, Google today detailed the next big software bump that its got planned for all of the lucky Glass users out there. The company today took to its official +Project Glass Google+ page to detail some of the more notable improvements that are packed into the latest update. First up is improved voice controls that will allow Glass-ers to have incoming messages read aloud to them, send replies to those messages, answer calls and share content directly with a contact.

The second enhancement named by Google is the ability to send a message or make a phone call to anyone on a user's Gmail contacts list. After selecting "Send a message...," users can simply swipe through the profile photos of their various contacts and select a recipient. Prior to this update, a user was only able to choose from a list of 10 contacts.

Finally, Google's latest Glass update enables its headwear to view real websites after performing a search. After the web page is loaded up on Glass, users can navigate it by sliding a finger forward on the touchpad to scroll, slide two fingers forward or backward to zoom, move their head around with two fingers on the touchpad to look around and tapping to select anything that's in the middle of the display.

Google Glass isn't exactly what one would call a widely-adopted product, as Google has only made the device available to developers at its I/O 2012 conference and the winners of its #ifihadglass contest. Still, the company is dedicated to the project, bringing multiple updates in recent months that aim to make Glass a better product. That sounds exactly the case with this latest update that packs in better voice controls, support for messaging or calling anyone on a user's contacts list and the ability to view full websites. Google says that this new update will be rolling out to users in the coming days, so if you've got some Glass of your own, be sure to keep an eye out for this latest software.

Via Android Central, +Project Glass