Are you considering LG or Motorola for your next phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 8, 2013

If there's a bad thing about choice, it's that there's sometimes just too much of it at any given moment. We've seen it happen from one company to the next: they try to replace a flagship too soon, or they offer a similar device, with slightly tweaked specifications, right after launching the first one. At face value, there's nothing wrong with this, simply because there are so many different people out there looking to upgrade, or get a new phone. One of those devices will get picked up.

The problem, as I've articulated in the past, is that most people still only carry one phone. Most people still only want to carry one phone. They want that device to do everything they need it to, and well, so that they don't need to carry two (or three) devices anymore. Luckily, our phones fit that bill nicely these days.

And that's really the only problem with choice, isn't it? The fact that we carry only one device, and in some cases, we get tied to a contract to get that one device, so switching to a better-slash-newer model isn't all that easy if you're still under the contract's umbrella.

Which is why following the mobile industry, and seeing what the rumors and speculation mill is churning out at any given moment, can also be a mixture of good and bad. If you're coming up on an upgrade date, or you're just thinking about getting a new phone in general, then reading up on what's available, and what's coming, is a very good idea. Research is important. But if you were going to get a new phone soon, even in the next couple of months, and you were thinking about getting, say, an HTC One, then seeing news on the One Mini and One Max may lead you to wait.

Which would make sense.

Or, maybe you've seen news on the upcoming LG event, where it's generally believed the company will unveil the new Optimus G2. As far as hard, reliable information goes, there's a lot more missing than available for the unannounced device. It's said to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, though, and for a lot of people that's enough to warrant further attention when it's announced on August 7.

We may not hear LG's name tossed around when we're talking about the company to take first place within the Android Army (taking the crown from reigning champion, Samsung), but they're certainly still in the game. And if they can create a piece of hardware around that quad-core processor that everyone is craving that catches the eye, and offers up a high-end build, then they could very well be in the running for quite a bit of sales this holiday season.

Motorola is another company that can't seem to get away from the underdog comparisons, but maybe that's not a bad thing. Ever since they started talking up their Moto X device, without actually announcing anything in an official capacity, a lot of attention is being focused on them, and what they have coming down the pipe. And, of course, they don't just have the Moto X heading our way: they've reportedly got new DROID handsets on the way, too.

And this brings me to the beginning of the article. Being aware of what's coming in the mobile industry can be good and bad, because it may mean you're waiting quite awhile to get your new phone. It's especially hard when you're only able to have one at a time.

That's why I'm curious to find out which company is on your radar for your next device. I don't want to focus on HTC or Samsung, or even Apple, in this particular article. Instead, I want to focus on LG and Motorola, who are hoping to gain plenty of new customers with their upcoming devices. 

I want to know which company, Motorola or LG, you're leaning towards right now, and why. Moreover, I want to hear what you think either one of these companies would have to do to get you to buy their new phone. Is there a certain hardware feature you're expecting? Does it have to be as well built as the HTC One? Or does it have to offer as many software features as the Galaxy S 4? Maybe even run stock Android, and drop any proprietary software?

So, tell me: is Motorola or LG on your radar for your new phone later this year? Or did you already buy your phone, unable to skip one of the powerhouses that launched earlier this year? Is there anything Motorola or LG could do to get your hard earned cash? Let me know!

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