Smartphones are a peculiar subject, particularly because many people, including myself, value our smartphones over many other possessions in our lives. Not that the smartphone itself is really all that special - I mean, I could sit there and download version after version of Angry Birds all day long, but my phone is more than just a mindless entertainment system; it's my connection to the world. Without it I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with half of the people that I'm able to keep in touch with, whether it be through e-mail, text, or God forbid, a phone call. My phone is made up of many important people in my life, which is why I treasure it so much.

But I couldn't truly tell you why I love to play dress-up with it.

Along with being my lifeline to many people, my phone also serves as My Technology Barbie as I change cases, skins, and other decoratives with them day in and day out. I have so many cases that I've kept from old phones, current phones, and even a few I scored from phones I have never even had for whatever reason. I can't help it though! As somebody who gets tired of looking at the same old (albeit trusty) device, sometimes I just feel the need to dress it up a little bit and make it a little more personal (this was especially important with my iPhone since I couldn't customize much within iOS itself). However, regardless what phone I was carrying, I always went crazy when it came to new cases.

Of course, it doesn't help that most of our smartphones are the most fragile hunks of technology I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Love them to death, but I've witnessed these things crack by merely hitting the carpet the wrong way (true story, by the way; it was kind of ridiculous). While a case or any other protective accessory never guarantees the device from being annihilated from the elements of force and nature, it can certainly give you a better chance of coming out unscathed. Not to mention some cases can make your phone look sizzlin' hot.

Sometimes I wish I was the type of person that could enjoy a phone without a case. I mean, most of the time we are paying a pretty penny for these devices that we cover up with cases, screen protectors, and other types of accessories. It almost seems kind of backwards to do so, but if you don't, then you're putting your phone at a huge risk. When I first got my iPhone 4S I was stoked about how gorgeous it looked. The glass was totally unneccessary on both sides, but gosh darn it if it didn't just look so shiny and pretty! I just had to have it. I purchased it and toddled right off to purchase a new case for it. I wouldn't even take it out of my purse until I had a case on that sucker. It's a shame, really.

But aside from not being able to enjoy a phone in its entirety, I do thoroughly enjoy choosing what case I think fits best on my device. Oh, Samsung didn't release a hot pink Galaxy S 4? That's alright, I'll make it hot pink on my own! The BlackBerry Q10 only comes in white and black? Boooring. How about a little electric blue?


Every time I get a new case it almost feels like I have a new phone. You know, design-wise. As somebody who always fell into the postpaid carrier contract trap, it sometimes felt like years until I was able to switch out my phone. Oh wait, it was. But as a devoted phone fanatic, cases and accessories would always make that looooong wait just a little more bearable.

I don't think it will matter if all phones somehow become unbreakable - I'm hooked on cases. Not only do they provide extra protection (Yes, even to phones that claim to be unbreakable. Was the Titanic truly unsinkable? It totally could have used a protective case) but they also allow us to take that extra step to personalize our phones even more. Rest assured, no matter what phone I'm carrying, you can bet your sweet patootie that I'll be carrying a case right along with it. Why? Because I love them.

And now it's your turn, PhoneDog readers: Are you a case fanatic, or do you prefer the natural beauty of the naked smartphone? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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