New Sprint 'Unlimited, My Way' and 'My All-In' plans detailed in leaked document [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 10, 2013

Sprint Unlimited My Way, My All-In plans leak

It feels like it's been a while since we've seen any major plan changes at Sprint, but according to a newly-leaked document, that may soon change. A purported Sprint internal document has been sent to Phone Arena that shows that the Now Network may be prepping a new type of family share plan. Heavy data users need not fret, though, because the leaked doc shows that unlimited data will still be included with the new offerings, unlike the shared plans that are available from AT&T and Verizon.

The first new plan detailed in this leak is dubbed "Unlimited, My Way." This offering includes unlimited talk and text, and while access for the first line is priced at $50 per month, that rate goes down by $10 for additional lines, dropping all the way to $20 for lines 4-10. Customers can then add either 1GB of data per line for $20 per month or unlimited on-network data for $30 per month (roaming data limited to 100MB). Basic phone customers can get unlimited data for an additional $10 per month. Subscribers will also purportedly have the option of adding 1GB of mobile hotspot use for another $10 per month.

Customers that are only interested in an individual plan also reportedly have a new option headed their way. Referred to as the "My All-in plan," the offering will include unlimited talk, text, data and 5GB of mobile hotspot use for $110 per month. It's worth noting, though, that the My All-in plan apparently can't be used with a monthly discount.

The final tidbit of information contained in today's leak is something called the "Sprint Unlimited Guarantee." Available with both Unlimited, My Way and My All-In plans, the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee will lock in the unlimited talk, text and data plan features for the life of that line of service. However, Sprint notes that price and phone selection is subject to change and that the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee is only valid for customers with accounts in good-standing.

Unlimited data has been one of Sprint's tentpole features for some time now, and it looks like the big yellow carrier is planning on keeping its bottomless buckets of bytes around for as long as it possibly can. That's a move that will help differentiate Sprint from its larger competition, and it's sure to please customers that've stuck with the Now Network, especially as Sprint continues to work on expanding its 4G LTE footprint.

There's no word on when these Unlimited, My Way and My All-In plans might go live, but the appearance of this document suggests that employees are currently learning all about the new offerings. If the plans are indeed the real deal, an official announcement may not be far off.

UPDATE: Engadget has been told by a Sprint source that these leaked plans are legit and that Sprint plans to launch them as early as Friday, July 12.

Via Phone Arena, Engadget