Alleged Verizon roadmap leaks with HTC One and Moto X launch dates

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 11, 2013

Verizon HTC One, Moto X launch dates leak

After months of rumors and speculation, Verizon recently announced that it plans to add the HTC One to its lineup. The bad news is that while the big red carrier confirmed that the One will be hitting its shelves, it didn't offer up much of any information about the device's launch, saying only that a release is planned for "later this summer." Now it looks like Verizon customers that are eagerly awaiting the One's arrival have a date to circle on their calendar (in pencil, of course) thanks to an alleged Verizon roadmap that's made its way online.

The document, sent to PhoneArena, claims to reveal the launch dates for several upcoming Verizon products and services. The first item on the list that's sure to jump out at those viewing it is the HTC One, which is listed with a launch date of August 1, the same day that Verizon may be planning to release its NFL Mobile 2013 app. A little further down the list is the "Motorola X," also known as the Moto X. That device, which is expected to hit all four major U.S. carriers, is reportedly due to hit Verizon on August 23.

Interestingly, this document doesn't contain any mention of Motorola's new trio of DROIDs that have been leaking left and right. A recent Verizon commercial storyboard appeared to show that the DROID Ultra is due to arrive on August 8, which would put it on shelves just a week after the HTC One.

For now we'll have to file this one away in the "Rumor" folder of our mental filing cabinet. There's no way of knowing right now whether or not this document is the real deal, but Verizon has been known to launch new phones on Thursdays, which is the day of the week that August 1 falls on. Plus, a combo HTC One/NFL Mobile 2013 launch could be part of a Verizon plan to make August 1 a big day for itself.

It's also worth noting that the new version of Verizon FamilyBase with Usage Controls did get announced yesterday, so this leaked document does have that going for it. Here's to hoping that, if Verizon's HTC One is set to arrive on August 1, the carrier will make an official announcement soon so that all of the customers waiting for the phone's arrival will finally have a concrete date to look forward to.

Via PhoneArena

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