Verizon posts changelog for Samsung Galaxy S 4 VRUAME7 update

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 11, 2013

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Frost

Verizon began pushing out an update to is version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 earlier this week, but at that time, the carrier hadn't revealed exactly what was packed inside the new bundle of software. Fast-forward to today and Verizon has finally gotten around to posting an official support document for the VRUAME7 update that details all of the goodies that are included. 

As we expected, the VRUAME7 update for Verizon's Galaxy S 4 is a beefy one, packing in quite a few enhancements, bug fixes, and even a couple of removals. For example, the update includes fixes for a bug that would cause garbled text to appear while viewing videos and another issue in which emails would be displayed in an "extremely large" font. Also included is a fix for Isis activation issues, an enhanced Samsung Hub app, and a Wi-Fi on/off toggle in the notification panel. The full changelog for the VRUAME7 update is available at the bottom of this post.

Although this update doesn't appear to include any single, heart-stopping feature, it does pack in quite a few tweaks and enhancements that ought to make Verizon Galaxy S 4 owners happy. For example, the new Wi-Fi on/off toggle in the notification panel is something that I'm sure will get quite a bit of use. If you're rocking a Verizon Galaxy S 4 and haven't yet updated, you can check for the update manually by going into your Settings menu or by plugging your device into a computer and running the Software Update Assistant. Instructions for the latter method can be found here (PDF link).



The following items have been improved:

  • Touch recognition in VZ Navigator application
  • Battery consumption for Group play application
  • Stability in Story Album and camera application
  • Hovering in email application
  • Charging status when removed from wireless charging pad

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Calendar user interface dialog dismiss issue
  • Smart cover and full screen event alert will be displayed as expected
  • Occasional ISIS Mobile Wallet activation issues
  • Bluetooth® connectivity with Ford Sync system
  • Occasional cases of garbled text when viewing videos
  • Instances, extremely large font was displayed for emails
  • Notification alert issue when Sound and Shot selected in camera
  • Occasional cases of the screen not waking up for incoming calls


The following capabilities have been removed:

  • Tag buddy popup when a new photo is opened
  • The premium SMS popup during ISIS Wallet activation
  • Warning popup when transferring pictures to device/SD card

The following capabilities have been added:

  • <+| icon added to the icon glossary (indicates “more” items in the Notification Panel)
  • Clear instruction in popup regarding Smart Scroll feature support
  • Wi-Fi quick on/off toggle in Notification Panel
  • Secure Boot status in About Phone in the Setting Menu
  • Background will now dim when help tips display
  • A new version of the SHealth application

The following capabilities have been enhanced:

  • Use of Samsung Trace keystrokes for lock screen entry
  • Modified display of Facebook notification when dismissed
  • Modified option name ‘TTS Speech Rate’ to ‘TTS readout speed’ under Menu in S Translator app
  • Default pre-loaded browser bookmark order
  • Samsung Hub application
  • Closed captioning option for help videos
  • Support for VMware Horizon Mobile Switch Application has been added to provide a secure, separate environment for your business applications on the same device.

Via Verizon Wireless