The Moto X's rumored launch date may work against it

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: July 12, 2013

Motorola's newest hero device, called the Moto X, isn't even out yet and it's already had a pretty eventful life. The roller coaster has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and maybe even a few more twists and turns than some folks at Motorola expected, but as far as we all know, the device is still coming, and it's still launching this summer.

Of course, when a company gives us a general timeframe to expect a highly anticipated device, the general rule of thumb is to expect "earlier than later," even when we all know that's just not the way to go. Sometimes a company may surprise us, but usually we'll always be at the tail-end of any timeframe, especially when it's a wide one. Oh, you're launching something in, say, the second quarter of a particular year? Ah, so we should just expect the last month, right? Maybe even the last week of the last month.

I think companies like to build up the anticipation, that's all. The longer they make us wait, the more information they can leak out, and tease us with. By the time the phone launches, they'll either have the public eating out of their hands, practically begging to get their hands on it, or most people will have forgotten about it and moved on to other devices.

And that's the real trouble with release dates. Sure, making us all wait should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but I think that companies may have it even worse in the end. While companies have to focus on finishing a device, getting it primed for a waiting audience, they also have to keep their ears to the ground and their eyes on the horizon to see what is coming from other companies. They have to know when those other manufacturers are announcing and launching their next big device, so that they can prepare their own launch, as well as the marketing once the device is widely available.

While it's believed that the Moto X is going to launch on all four major wireless carriers, we're still in the dark as to when, exactly, that will be. That may have changed yesterday, though, when an alleged Verizon roadmap found its way onto the Internet and began to make the rounds. According to that document, the Moto X will launch on Verizon's network August 23.

Like I said, waiting until the last minute.

So, while Motorola will indeed be able to keep their summer launch plans in tact, it seems, the trouble may be timing in general. At least, if we're looking just a few weeks into the future. It may or may not come down to whether or not announcing (and hopefully launching) a device before or after your competitor works in favor of your device.

In September, we're expecting Apple and Samsung to unveil and unleash their next flagship devices in the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note III respectively. Both of those devices are going to take the consumers by storm, just as they've done in the past, and it could very well mean that other devices, even a hero device from Motorola, gets lost in the maelstrom.

As an aside, the document suggests that the HTC One will launch on Verizon August 1. That's good timing. A full month and some change between the launch, and when Apple and Samsung unveil their next devices. A full month is definitely much better than a couple of weeks, if that.

While we don't know everything about the Moto X, what we do know is definitely interesting to say the least. Motorola's use of sensors sounds like it's going to get revamped and expanded, which will hopefully make for an interesting experience using the device in different areas. And, if the photos of Eric Schmidt holding the Moto X are any indicator, the phone does indeed look compelling.

So, it will come down to features, specifications, pricing, as well as launch dates. If Motorola is indeed gearing up to launch the handset at the end of August, then hopefully we should see the phone announced at the beginning of the month, at least. But, again, it may come down to timing, and it may work against Motorola. The iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note III are devices that people are waiting for, and those same folks may be the same people interested in the Moto X (like me). I want to see what Motorola has in store for their next hero device, but I also want to see what the next iPhone and Galaxy Note have to offer.

The Moto X could also manage to grab and hold the attention of the widespread audience with the features and specs it offers, along with the ability to customize your device in certain ways. And maybe even the price will surprise people enough to keep the phone on their radar even well into September. We can certainly hope for the best, right?

I can't wait to see what Motorola announces, and I know that many of you feel the same way. So what are you interested in most about Motorola's hero device? Do you think you'll be picking it up when it launches? Or are you waiting to see what it features, and the hardware inside? Let me know!

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