Verizon's Moto X caught on camera

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 12, 2013

Verizon Moto X photo leak

We've already gotten peeks at the AT&T and Sprint versions of the Moto X, and now it looks like it's Verizon's time in the leaky spotlight. The folks at Android Central just posted an image of what may be Verizon's Moto X hanging out in the wild. The device features rounded edges, a set of on-screen navigation keys, Motorola's prototype branding, and a front-facing camera in the upper right corner. Additionally, Verizon's "4G LTE" indicator can be seen in the phone's status bar.

Recent rumors have suggested that the Moto X will hit all four major U.S. carriers, with the Verizon variant said to carry the model number XT1060. The Moto X is reportedly in testing with a relatively bloat-free build of Android 4.2.2, and it's expected that at launch, buyers will be able to customize their unit with differently-colored front and back plates as well as engravings. Motorola hasn't said much about the Moto X except that it exists and that it'll be a "hero" device that consumers will be able to design themselves. 

There's not a ton of concrete information about the Moto X's feature set, but the phone appears to be a fairly vanilla version of Jelly Bean. That feature, coupled with the expectation that the Moto X is one of the first Motorola products to be made under Google's supervision, means that anticipation for the device is high. Now that we've gotten some pretty good looks at the Moto X thanks to leakers and Google's own chairman, hopefully it won't be long before Motorola starts talking availability. 

Via +Android Central

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