Which apps do you rely on most?

Marc Flores
 from  San Francisco, CA
| July 15, 2013

A quick look at the top apps in the iTunes App Store would lead me to believe that all iOS users do nothing but play games on their phones all day. Candy Crush is just all over the place, folowed by a number of games that I've never heard of or even played. I think the only apps in the top five spot in any category that aren't games are WhatsApp and Pandora. People love to text around the world for free, and who doesn't love free streaming music? But aside from that, it's games, games, games.

In the Google Play Store, things are slightly different, but not by much. Games still dominate in most categories. It's a lot better than it used to be, though, when two years ago the top apps had free wallpaper apps and custom ringtone makers. It has come a long way since.

Now I'm beginning to wonder which apps you use the most. PhoneDog readers are a little more tech and smartphone savvy than your everyday folk, so perhaps our answers are going to be a little skewed. But maybe not. I doubt the majority of you spend all your free time playing Candy Crush or Plants vs. Zombies or Temple Run 2. 

For me, as much as I'd hate to admit it, I'm all over social networks. I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat (my cousin Andrew sends me about a billion Snapchats a day) and Google+ several times a day. After social networking, it's e-mail: the Gmail app for Android, or Mailbox for iPhone. Outside of those apps, I use Spotify a lot, Any.Do for my to-do list and organization, Dropbox and Evernote for notes and online storage. That's really about it.

Whenever I do have time to kill, I'm usually shooting photos or videos, and I love editing them all on my phone. I used to use ProCamera on iPhone to take photos since it allows me to adjust focus and exposure, but Camera+ does the same thing and it's easier to edit in the app and share on social networks. Otherwise, I'm using Snapseed (available on Android and iOS) or VSCO Cam (only on iOS for now, I think). 

So that's it. Those are the apps I use most. I really don't play a lot of games because I get tired of them so quickly. If I'm not seeing what my friends are up to or what's in the news, I'm looking at photos and videos on Instagram or Vine. I'm also messaging friends via text or Facebook Messenger, and e-mailing throughout the day. 

Because the top apps in most app stores are games, I'm curious to know just how many of you out there have tons of games installed on your phone. And aside from games, what are your top 10 most used apps per day? Are there some apps you just can't live without? Let me know because I'd love some suggestions, and I'd like to know whether you're all just as obsessed with the same apps as me.