New Google Nexus 7 shown off in leaked photos and video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 17, 2013

New Google Nexus 7 leak

Today's just turning out to be a leaky kind of day, isn't it? After internal retailer documents hinted at both the pricing and availability for Google's new Nexus 7 some images and video of the device itself have made their way online. Shared by Android Central, this latest leak shows a black, rectangular tablet that's shaped like the current Nexus 7. Unlike the existing N7, though, this new model sports cameras on both its front and rear.

Moving around to the back of the device, we can see the same "Nexus" branding that's present on the first-gen Nexus 7, but this time it's placed in the middle of the device rather than its spot near the top on the original model. The backside of the new Nexus 7 also appears to have ditched the textured rear cover of the current Nexus 7 for a smoother finish. Finally, it's said that the new Nexus 7 sports dual speakers on its rear.

As far as the actual specs go, this new ASUS-made tablet is labeled as the "ME571K_PR1_SKU2." It's said to be rocking a 7-inch LCD and 1.2-megapixel camera on its face as well as a second, 5-megapixel shooter around back. Said to be buried inside the device is 16GB or 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM, though Android Central cautions that it's not totally sure of the RAM spec and that it could actually be 2GB. Also reportedly included is a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, which lines up with an FCC listing for an ASUS K009 tablet that's thought to be the N7, but is different than the Snapdragon 600 chip that the Bluetooth SIG claimed was inside the K009.

Rounding out the new Nexus 7's purported feature set is Android 4.3, which has been popping up quite a bit in the past couple of months. There's no mention in today's report of any new features that are due in the next release of Android, but previous reports have suggested that support for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy will be included in the update.

Google first introduced the original Nexus 7 a little over a year ago at its I/O 2012 conference, and so it's no surprise to learn that the company is prepping an updated model. We'll have to wait until the device is official before we learn exactly what makes this thing tick, but today's leak makes it look like Google has decided not to mess with its N7 formula too much. One thing that ASUS and Google did add is a rear-facing camera, which ought to please quite a few folks, as should the purported inclusion of dual speakers.

So when might you be able to get your mitts on the new Nexus 7? Well, some retailer documentation that leaked out earlier today showed that OfficeMax expects to receive shipments as soon as July 20, with pricing set at $229 for the 16GB model and $269 for the more capacious 32GB version. It's unclear when the device will actually go on sale, but Google today announced that it's holding an event with Android head Sundar Pichai as host on July 24, so it seems likely that we'll learn more then. To stay occupied until July 24 rolls around, you can check out a video of the new Nexus 7 below, as well as a handful of additional photos over at Android Central.

Via Android Central