Nokia Q2 2013 results include sales of 7.4 million Lumia smartphones

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 17, 2013

Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920

Following last week's announcement of the Lumia 1020, Nokia today made another announcement. This one doesn't have any 41-megapixel cameras, but there's no shortage of other numbers included.

Nokia today revealed its second quarter 2013 results, sharing with us the details of how it performed during April, May, and June. The Finnish firm reports that it moved 7.4 million Windows Phone Lumia smartphones during the quarter, an increase from the 5.6 million units it sold last quarter and 4.0 million units in Q2 2012. Nokia attributes this boost to the fact that it recently started shipping "significant volumes" of the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720.

Overall Nokia says that it shipped 53.7 million mobile phones. Of that total, 4.3 million were Nokia Asha full-touch phones, a slight drop from the 5 million units that it moved in Q1 2013. Nokia also reports that its Symbian volumes decreased from around 6 million units in Q2 2012 to around zero units in Q2 2013.

On the financial side of things, Nokia reports that its revenue for the second quarter of 2013 finished at €5.695 billion ($7.460 billion USD). Meanwhile, the company posted a small loss of €115 million ($151 million USD), though that number is an improvement when compared to the €150 million ($196.8 million USD) loss that it suffered in Q1 2013.

Looking ahead, Nokia expects its Q3 2013 operating margin to be around negative 2 percent, which it attributes to factors like consumer demand, ramp-up for its high-end Lumia models, and competitive industry dynamics that have a negative effect on its Devices & Services division. The Finnish firm does expect its Devices & Sales arm to produce higher sales in Q3 2013 than it did in Q2, though, thanks to the wider availability of its recently-announced Lumia models and other mobile phones.

While Nokia did suffer a bit of a loss in Q2 2013, the company managed to grow its all-important Lumia sales figures, which is something that I'm sure Elop and Co. are happy about. What will be interesting is seeing how Nokia performs in Q3 2013, which will include its new flagship Lumia 1020, a full quarter of Lumia 928 availability, and additional sales of lower-end hardware like the Lumia 520, 521, and 720. If you'd like to pore over Nokia's Q2 2013 report for yourself while enjoying a cup of coffee, bowl of cereal, or plate of pancakes (I hear that Lumia sales stats go well with maple syrup), you can find it at the link below.

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