Verizon reports 941,000 postpaid customers added, 7.5 million smartphones activated in Q2 2013 [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 18, 2013

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Hot on the heels of Nokia's Q2 2013 earnings report, Verizon has shared its own stats for the second quarter of 2013. Verizon revealed this morning that it added a total of 1 million retail connections during the quarter. Of that total, 941,000 postpaid customers in Q2, a figure that's up 6 percent year-over-year Verizon now boasts a total of 100.1 million retail conncections, 94.3 million of which are postpaid. The carrier also says that 7 percent of its retail postpaid customers upgraded to a new device in Q2 2013.

Looking at hardware, Verizon says that smartphones now make up 64 percent of its postpaid customer phone base, up from 61 percent the previous quarter. The second quarter brought with it around 7.5 million smartphone activations, about 27 percent of which were new to Verizon. When it comes to 4G LTE, Verizon activated approximately 6.4 million LTE devices in Q2, and the big red carrier says that 59 percent of its total data traffic now flows over its LTE network. Of course, all of those devices need a data plan, and Verizon reports that over 36 percent of its postpaid accounts are on a Share Everything data offering

Verizon's financial report for Q2 includes revenue of $20 billion, a figure that's up 7.5 percent from the year-ago quarter. Meanwhile, service revenues for the quarter reached $17.1 billion, with retail service revenues totaling $16.4 billion.

Overall it looks like Verizon had itself a pretty nice quarter. Not only did it add nearly a million postpaid customers, but the carrier also says that its 4G LTE network is now "substantially complete," adding that LTE service is now available in 500 markets. Now we wait for the other big three U.S. operators release their results to see how they stack up to Verizon's. In the mean time, Verizon will be hosting a conference call at 8:30 a.m. this morning to discuss its Q2 2013 results, and you can bet that I'll be listening in for any other juicy bits that Verizon may have to share.

UPDATE: Verizon says that the iPhone made up approximately 51 percent of its smartphones, which works out to be around 3.825 million units. The carrier didn't elaborate on the sales stats of other platforms.

UPDATE 2: Verizon CFO Fran Shammo briefly mentioned a new "Verizon Edge" device financing program during today's call. An internal Verizon document that leaked earlier this month suggested that the VZW is prepping a program called "VZ Edge" that will allow a customer to spread the full retail cost of a device out over several months, with the option to upgrade to a new model once the first device is 50 percent paid off. Verizon didn't offer up any details on the Edge plan.

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