Alleged Sprint document leaks with launch dates for red HTC One, purple Samsung Galaxy S 4, and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 23, 2013

Sprint red HTC One, purple Samsung Galaxy S 4 release date leak

Get out that notepad and take a seat, Sprint customers, because an image just leaked out with what may be the release date information for several of the Now Network's upcoming smartphones. The photo shows an internal list of projected Sprint launch dates that was sent to Engadget and includes not only official hardware like the BlackBerry Q10 and Samsung ATIV S Neo, but also some unannounced products from HTC and Samsung. Here's what the list says is coming:

  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 in purple, model number SPHL720PPK, launching Aug. 16
  • Samsung ATIV S Neo, model number SPHI800KIT, launching Aug. 16
  • HTC One in red, model number AP801CRD, launching Aug. 16
  • BlackBerry Q10, model number SPRIM10QKT, available for Direct Ship on Aug. 30, launching in all other channels on Sept. 13

As with all leaked information, it's probably wise to take this news with a grain or two of your favorite salt, especially since neither the purple Galaxy S 4 nor the red HTC has even been announced for Sprint yet. We did see Sprint launch a purple Galaxy S III last year, though, so it wouldn't be a shock to see Hesse and Co. stock the Purple Mirage GS4 this year.

Meanwhile, HTC hasn't announced any U.S. launch plans for its red HTC One, but the device's model number seems to line up with the identifiers for the silver (AP801CWH) and black (AP801CKT) versions of the Sprint One. The good news is that if these device launches are indeed going down on Aug. 16, it shouldn't be too much longer before we get official word about them from Sprint. Stay tuned.

Via Engadget