Sprint 4G LTE going live in the Bronx and Brooklyn on July 30, 3G network improvements coming too

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 24, 2013

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If you're a Sprint customer that lives in the Bronx or Brooklyn, grab your calendar and circle July 30. That's the date the Sprint says its 4G LTE network will go live in both New York City boroughs, bringing piping hot high-speed data to customers with LTE-capable hardware. Those subscribers won't be the only ones getting improved service next week, though, as Sprint will also be rolling out improvements to its 3G network on that same date.

Sprint's LTE network currently covers a total of 110 markets, including major locals like Miami, Dallas and Boston. It's good to see that two New York City boroughs will join that list next week, but it'd be even nicer if the other boroughs were going live on that as well. The good news is that Sprint expects to officially light up Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens sometime "in the coming months." Sprint customers in those areas that just can't wait that long for some LTE action may want to start searching for a signal now, as the Now Network says that some of its users are already seeing pockets of service there.

In addition to its upcoming network enhancements, Sprint today announced that it has finalized a contract with Transit Wireless to bring Sprint voice and data coverage to all 277 New York City subway stations. The service will be available to Sprint customers as well as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile subscribers, and the first 36 stations in midtown Manhattan and Chelsea will be going live in early 2014.

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