New Samsung-made Nexus 10 said to be coming 'in the near future'

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 25, 2013

Samsung Google Nexus 10

Google introduced the original Nexus 7 tablet in the middle of 2012, then followed that up with the Nexus 10 later in the year. It looks like we could be in for some deja vu in 2013, as the Wall Street Journal's Amir Efrati claims to have been told by Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai that a new, Samsung-made Nexus 10 will be shown off "in the near future."

Details on the new Nexus 10 are still light, but it's said that the device will sport a 10-inch display, which isn't exactly a surprise given its name. A high-res display like the one on the original Nexus 10 seems likely, though with the new Nexus 7 and its 1920x1200 screen, that feature isn't quite as big a deal as it was on the OG N10. We'll just have to wait and see exactly what Google and Samsung decide to pack into the new slate, but at least fans of big-screened tablets can rest a little easier knowing that they may soon have a new Nexus of their own.

Via Android and Me, @Amir_Efrati

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