Verizon's BlackBerry Z10 now receiving BlackBerry 10.1 update

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: July 26, 2013

Verizon BlackBerry Z10 rear

The road to BlackBerry 10.1 has been a long one for BlackBerry Z10 owners on Verizon, but today that journey finally comes to an end. Several Verizon Z10-toting CrackBerry users are reporting that they're now receiving their update to BlackBerry 10.1, nearly a full month after Verizon posted its support documents for the new software.

The new update brings Verizon's Z10 up to OS ( and weighs in at a hefty 350MB. The time spent downloading the update will be well worth it, though, because the bump up to BB10.1 brings with it goodies like an HDR mode for the camera, improved accuracy when receiving BBM messages and notifications, improved reliability when sending and receiving text messages and much, much more. Verizon's full changelog for the update can be found at the bottom of this post. 

Verizon is the last of the major U.S. carriers to roll out the BlackBerry 10.1 update to the Z10, following T-Mobile's push in early June and AT&T's deployment a couple of weeks ago. That's kind of a bummer for Z10 owners on Verizon, especially considering that the big red carrier posted its support docs for the update last month. All that matters now is that the BB10.1 is finally here, though, giving Verizon Z10 owners another reason to celebrate this weekend. And hey, with the reduction in device resets and improved LTE standby battery life that the update brings, those Z10 folk should be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about their phone going belly up!




  • Support for Advanced BES 10 functionality


  • Support for receiving and reading emails with attached emails
  • Contact Suggestions while composing
  • PIN to PIN messages


  • Support for portrait and landscape mode in all views (day/week/month)


  • Account-specific notifications for messages
  • Customization of vibration sequence per contact and per account
  • Contact-specific notifications
  • Volume Keys now control the Notification Volume in addition to controlling the Media Volume


  • Cut, copy, paste phone numbers into and from the dialer screen


  • High dynamic range (HDR) mode in camera, which allows a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image
  • Improved red-eye and golden-eye removal in picture editor


  • Software configuration of partner specific apps now occurs in the background, allowing users to complete the setup wizard


  • Mobile Hotspot now supports 802.11n. 
  • Default bands are 802.11gn, and user may set bands to 802.11bgn if desired.
  • Answer incoming calls while using Three-Way Calling, even when attendees drop off call
  • Toggle between calls without causing the call to drop or fail when using Call Waiting


  • The correct number of voicemails will now display when using Visual Voicemail LED
  • Missed Calls will display the correct contact’s name if saved in phonebook
  • Improvements to Emergency Call Mode when using Wi-Fi


  • Accuracy has been improved when receiving BBM Messages and Notifications
  • Access email service over IMAP and SMTP
  • Email messages will be received without having to re-enter email password in Account Settings
  • Email notifications will appear only when new emails are received
  • Delivery/reliability have been improved when sending/receiving single and group text messages


  • Deleted applications will be removed and no longer remain on device
  • Facebook no longer appears in Hub once account is deleted from device
  • Calendar Application and Hub connectivity and reliability have been improved


  • Reliability and connectivity have been improved while streaming music on Slacker Radio
  • Battery life has been improved when in LTE Standby mode
  • Frequency of device resets has been reduced
  • Responsiveness and connectivity have been improved when using Backup Assistant
  • Responsiveness has been improved when unlocking device with finger swipe
  • Pictures will be displayed properly when using search engine
  • Speed of screen re-orientation has been improved when switching from Portrait to Landscape mode
  • Improved accuracy and location fix when using BlackBerry Maps
  • Support for portrait and landscape mode in all views

Via CrackBerry, Verizon Wireless

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