AT&T HTC One mini leaks out again, this time in press image form

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 27, 2013

AT&T HTC One mini press image leak

The AT&T flavor of the HTC One mini first showed its face in some "in the wild" shots earlier this month, complete with the 4G LTE status bar branding that AT&T is known for. Now the One mini is back to tease us again, but this time around we're getting a much better look at the phone and its AT&T tattoo.

An official-looking press image of an HTC One mini with AT&T branding has been shared by Android Police, and as you might've guessed, the device basically looks like someone took a shrink ray to the full-sized AT&T HTC One. There's some "AT&T" and "4G LTE" branding in the One mini's status bar, and around back is an AT&T globe stamped directly above a Beats Audio logo. Outside of its branding and a new, American-ized Blinkfeed screenshot, this AT&T One mini looks to be similar to its international sibling.

HTC announced earlier this month that the One mini will be hitting "select markets" starting in August followed by a global rollout in September. There was no mention of any U.S.-specific launch plans, so it's not clear when the One mini will be arriving on the blue shelves of AT&T's stores. It's also unclear if AT&T will offer both the silver and black versions of the One mini, just like it does with the One, or if its plans only include this silver variant.

One thing that seems like a pretty safe bet is that AT&T will be offering the silver One mini at some point in the near future. That means that AT&T customers should probably begin the process of determining whether they want the One's 4.7-inch 1080p display or if they'd prefer the smaller, more single hand operation-friendly 4.3-inch 720p screen on the One mini. Decisions, decisions...

Via Android Police

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