Purported iPad 5 and low-cost iPhone casings appear on video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 3, 2013

iPad 5 casing video leak

We've already seen the alleged front and rear panels of the fifth-generation iPad leak out in photos, suggesting that the next version of Apple's full-size tablet could borrow looks from its miniaturized sibling. Today those two parts have come together in a new video posted by Mac Otakara, giving us a better idea of what the iPad 5 may end up looking like.

The brief clip shows the outer shell of what is said to be the iPad 5, complete with side bezels that are much narrower than the current iPad. The rear of the shell sports a design that's fairly similar to the iPad mini, including separated volume buttons and rounded edges.

As I mentioned before, the fifth-generation iPad is expected to get an iPad mini-inspired makeover that will result in a slimmer tablet with narrower bezels. The design of the full-sized iPad hasn't changed a ton ever since the first model debuted in 2010, with the only real change coming when Apple angled the sides of the back of the iPad 2. The look of the iPad mini is fairly different from the full-size iPad, and this upcoming iPad revision is a good opportunity for Apple to refresh the design of its 9.7-inch iPad while also making it thinner.

Along with the purported iPad 5 video, Mac Otakara has shared a short clip showing the shell of what may be Apple's upcoming low-cost iPhone. The back cover of the shell sports flat sides and rounded edges, and it appears to be made of plastic. Meanwhile, the front panel sports a camera above its earpiece, and on the bottom of the unit there's a set of four speaker holes, a Lightning port and a headphone jack.

This plastic iPhone is expected to be a more budget-friendly iOS handset for consumers that can't afford the regular, aluminum and glass-clad iPhone. The device will reportedly be offered in multiple color options, not unlike the iPod touch, which could make the low-cost iPhone attractive to folks that want an iOS smartphone but would prefer a unit with a bit more color than the black and white phones that Apple typically offers.

Both the iPad 5 and low-cost iPhone shells shown in today's videos appear to line up with previous reports, but we won't know whether or not they're genuine until Tim Cook and Co. take to the stage and unveil the real deals. Recent rumors have claimed that the plastic iPhone will make its debut later in 2013. Meanwhile, we're nearing the fourth-generation iPad's first birthday, and because Apple is a company that frequently sticks to an annual upgrade cycle, that means that we may also be getting close to the unveiling of the iPad 5.

Via 9to5Mac, Mac Otakara