Samsung Galaxy Folder flip phone shows up in photos sporting Android and gold trim

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Folder SHV-E400K leak

Most mobile fanatics will tell you that when it comes to leaked images of an unannounced device, real-life photos are better than renders. That's especially the case with uncommon devices like the Samsung Galaxy Folder, an Android-powered flip phone that many folks would need to actually see to believe. Thankfully, that's precisely what we've got for you today, as some "in the wild" shots of the Galaxy Folder have surfaced.

Posted to Korean forum, the photos show a device that looks fairly similar to the Galaxy Folder that we previously saw in a set of leaked renders. The phone features gold trim all around its frame, a large display on its outer shell and a second screen inside the unit. On the bottom half of the unit is a D-Pad with an OK button in the center thats surrounded by a camera button as well as Samsung's typical Home, Menu and Back Android keys. Finally, the Folder's got a set of number keys along with Send, Clear and End buttons resting above them.

A Korean user manual for this device was recently discovered by RBMen that identifies the Galaxy Folder as the SHV-E400K. We'll just stick with Galaxy Folder, though, since that rolls off the tongue just a little better. According to the report, the Galaxy Folder sports 3.67-inch 800x480 AMOLED displays, 2GB RAM, 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 4G LTE support and an 1,820mAh battery powering the whole package.

There's no word yet on when Samsung is planning to make the Galaxy Folder available to those consumers that have a soft spot for the clamshell form factor, but whenever it does, don't be surprised if the device ends up sticking close to Korea and some surrounding markets. That's kind of a bummer considering that the Galaxy Folder's got a decent spec list, not to mention that whole "flip phone" aspect of it. Still, it's kind of tough to imagine a device like this appealing to many folks in markets like the U.S., save for a brief "Oh wow, a flip phone!" nostalgia moments. At least we've got these leaked images to help satisfy our curiosity.

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