Google Glass XE8 update rolling out with new voice commands, more Google Now cards

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 12, 2013

Google Glass Google Now movies card

Are you one of the lucky headset-wearing members of Google's Glass program? If so, the time to update has come around once again. Google announced today that it's begun rolling out the XE8 update to Glass, complete with a handful of new features for users to check out. Here's a quick list of the goodies that are packed inside:

  • New video playback controls to make watching clips easier
  • New voice actions that enable posting to Path and Evernote
  • Dedicated Volume card in Glass's Settings bundle
  • Ability to check a timeline while on a video call by swiping down
  • New "Show/Hide Route Overview" and "Stop Directions" voice commands for Navigation
  • Add a caption to a photo or video using voice
  • Support for hashtags in captions
  • Improved voice commands that are more fluid
  • Outgoing SMS messages sent using the default Messaging app on an Android phone will now be included in a user's timeline while using the MyGlass app
  • New Google Now cards: Reservations, events, movies, public alerts and birthday reminders that include the ability to send a message

Google says that the XE8 update will be rolling out to Glass owners in the coming days. While we still don't know when us regular folk will be able to buy some Glass of our own, or how much the units will cost when we can, it's good to see Google continually improving its headgear with new features and app enhancements. Has your opinion of Google Glass changed since the device was first announced? Do you plan on buying a unit once Glass is made available to the public?

Via +GoogleGlass, XE8 release notes