HTC reportedly tested Design Studio phone customization tool for Sprint's 8XT

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 15, 2013

HTC Design Studio Sprint 8XT leak

The Moto Maker customization tool is one of the tentpole features of Motorola's new Moto X smartphone, but it turns out that Motorola may not have been the only company to come up with such an offering. Sources speaking to The Verge claim that HTC created a prototype "HTC Design Studio" tool for its 8XT Windows Phone 8 device that was recently released on Sprint. The tipsters claim that the web app would've allowed consumers to customize the colors of the 8XT's speaker and accents and also included an option for personal engravings.

Unfortunately for Windows Phone fans on Sprint, it's said that HTC and Sprint ultimately decided to axe its Design Studio due to its cost and concerns over its complexity. The HTC 8XT launched on Sprint in mid-July with a two-tone purple paint job.

The HTC 8XT was kind of a big deal for Sprint at launch because it was the carrier's first Windows Phone 8 device, but it could've been an even bigger device if it had debuted with this HTC Design Studio tool in tow. Not only could the app could've made the 8XT more appealing to Windows Phone fans, many of whom may have chosen the 8XT over the upcoming ATIV S Neo just for the customization tool, but the Design Studio may have also drawn consumers that wouldn't normally have considered the 8XT.

It's pretty disappointing to hear that HTC and Sprint ended up dropping their plans for the Design Studio. Windows Phone devices are known for being available in a variety of color options, but I'm sure that most consumers would like the ability to select their own colors even more. Plus, it's possible that the Design Studio could've been expanded to include other devices if it had taken off. There's always a chance that HTC could revive its Design Studio project at some point in the future, especially if consumers respond well to Motorola's Moto Maker, but for now we'll just have to imagine what could have been.

Via The Verge

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